Internacional midfielder, Mauricio, booked for doing kick-ups during a match


Internacional’s Mauricio was booked for doing skills during their 2-1 victory over Athletico Paranaense.

Brazil is the birthplace of Joga Bonito – The Portuguese phrase that Nike use meaning “play beautifully.”

However, it seems there is no longer a place in the game for that.



Inside the final 10 minutes of the match in Brazil’s Serie A, Mauricio decided to do a few kick-ups whilst in possession. It appeared pretty harmless with no opponent near him.

However, when the ball next went out of play, Mauricio was shown a yellow card.

VIDEO: Mauricio booked for doing kick-ups


Well, the referee revealed in his report that it was because of his ‘disrespect for the game.’

Official laws state a player should be penalised if they “act in a manner that shows disrespect for the game.”

Internacional's Mauricio vs. Athletico Paranaense

It was something that angered a lot of fans on Reddit. Check out some of the reaction:

“Joga Bonito’s gone,” one simply wrote.

“What the hell lol. What next, book someone for scoring a goal?” asked another.

Another wrote: “Punishing a footballer for being ‘fancy’ is like the least Brazilian thing imaginable.”

One very angry supporter asked: “Where the f**k is football heading with s**t like this?”

A fifth said: “In Brazil of all places? That ref has to lose his license” while another asked: “What is wrong with football nowadays?”

It’s not the first time something like this has happened, though.

Neymar once was booked for Paris Saint-Germain for attempting a rainbow flick during a game.

VIDEO: Neymar was booked for attempting rainbow flick

Imagine the number of yellow cards Ronaldinho would have got…

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