Football Manager 2022: How to Get Real Badges and Kits (Complete Guide)

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Football Manager 2022 is being thoroughly enjoyed across the gaming community and we have a step-by-step guide on how you can get real badges and kits in game.

One thing that has always bugged some players is the lack of licences that Sports Interactive have, and it’s certainly true that only one Premier League team is officially licenced - that being Watford.

It means the other 19 clubs do not have their official badges, or kits, but that can be rectified!

Let us explain exactly how.

How to Install Real Kits on Football Manager 2022

First of all, you’ll need a program on your computer that can extract files, either WinRAR or 7-Zip are free options.

Also, you’ll need to find a website with the kits. FM Scout is usually a good bet and they’re free.

Once you’ve made sure you’ve got that, the steps are pretty simple.

1. First, find a pack that you want to download. It could just be the Premier League or it could be a megapack with kits from all over the world.
2. Go to the Football Manager 2022 file installed on your computer and create a ‘graphics’ sub-folder.
3. Open that, and create a ‘kits’ sub-folder. While you’re here, you can also create a ‘logos’ sub-folder for the next walkthrough.
4. Download the pack you’ve found.
5. Using your file extracting program, click ‘extract to’ and take it to your ‘kits’ sub-folder.
Once the process has completed, open up FM22.
6. Click the FM logo and go to ‘preferences’. Go to ‘advanced’ and click the drop-down menu. From there select ‘most common’ and click ‘interface’.
7. Scroll down to the Skin section and untick the following two sentences: ‘Use caching to decrease page load times’ and ‘Show screen IDs in Title Bar to assist skinning’.
8. Tick ‘reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences’. Press confirm.
9. You’ll have to restart the game for the changes to take effect but once the kits have been added, they’ll be in the game forever.


How to Install Real Badges on Football Manager 2022

This is very similar to the kits walkthrough.

Once again, FM Scout is a good shout for finding logo packs and they offer a similarly huge selection as the kits.

The drill here is basically the same.

1. Find the pack you want to download.
2. Download it and extract it to the ‘logos’ sub-folder.
3. Boot up FM22.
4. As above, go through the steps in preferences to tick ‘reload skin when confirming changes in preferences’.
5. Click confirm.
6. Restart the game and the changes will take effect.

And there you have it.

Now you can have the official badges and kits of the Premier League in the game and it’s nice and easy, especially with our walkthrough handy!

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