Toto Wolff: Mercedes chief gets internet meme treatment after passionate Lewis Hamilton reaction

toto wolff

Toto Wolff has got himself going viral after his passionate reaction to Lewis Hamilton taking the lead of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix off of Max Verstappen on Sunday.

The Mercedes chief cut a pretty frustrated figure over the course of the weekend in Brazil as he grew annoyed with both a disqualification for Hamilton from qualifying over a rear-wing infringement and then Verstappen’s stout defence for the lead in the Grand Prix itself before Lewis eventually took control.

Indeed, it was at that point Wolff let the frustration out as he pointed down the tv camera that was fixed on him in the Mercedes garage and sent a message to what appeared to be the FIA and the stewards, turning himself into the latest, great F1 meme in the process.



Naturally, Twitter was ablaze with amusing reactions to Wolff eye-balling the viewing audience so let’s take a look at some of that now, and also his own response to the clip:

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