Tyson Fury: Nutritionist reveals the incredible diet behind Gypsy King's body transformation


Tyson Fury’s incredible body transformation in recent years is no secret, with the two-time world heavyweight champion losing over 10st before his fight with Deontay Wilder last year.

However what has stayed under wraps, is the incredible six meal a day programme that Fury followed to cut weight - including curry and pork loin.

The Gypsy King called in George Lockhart, a nutritionist who’s previously worked with Conor McGregor and a number of UFC stars, to coordinate his meals in the lead up to the fight.

Greek yoghurt with berries.

Lunch No. 1
Salmon cakes with spicy jalapenos, cilantro and Greek yoghurt.

Lunch No. 2
Skewered chicken with tzatziki sauce.

Dinner No. 1
Red meat curry with turmeric.

Dinner No. 2
Apple and cranberry stuffed pork loin with butternut squash, quinoa, walnuts and spinach.


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Sriracha honey salmon laid out on a bed of quinoa and Greek rice

Fury has typically shown little interest in diet fads and trends that tend to emerge in the sporting world, but did call upon former Marine Lockhart to get him in shape.

For his first encounter with Wilder in 2018, Fury had used friend and camp manager Tim Allcock to oversee his diet, which included peanut butter chicken most nights.


Speaking exclusively to JOE, Lockhart said that in order to kickstart his weight loss programme, he had Fury follow an unconventional fasting protocol.

"He fasts once a week, every week. We pick a day. We used to fast... We say 'we', I didn't fast with him. But every Thursday, we'd fast."

Lockhart asserts that Fury's performance didn't suffer from going without food for a full day.

"It became easier and easier for him, but he would drop body fat and everything else and the performance was good to go."


Under Lockhart’s supervision, the Gypsy King would have been boosted by a meaty serving of dijon maple syrup seared wild salmon with rosemary, garlic, roasted sweet potatoes, and tomato, spinach and bean chilli.

A number of the dishes have been posted on Instagram, and you can see why Lockhart is renowned as one of the best in the business.

From the tantalising stuffed pork loin to the tingling sriracha honey salmon, Fury’s dishes are presented in the most appetizing manners and look like the perfect meals after a long gym session.

Even Fury’s favourite dish, curry, makes the menu, with Lockhart ensuring that the heavyweight’s red meat intake is correct.

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