WWE: Charlotte Flair has her say on Becky Lynch legitimate heat

Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch

Two of the biggest women’s wrestlers on WWE are locked in a fierce feud as they prepare to face each other on the Survivor Series pay-per-view later this month.

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, two of the Four Horsewomen of the company, have seen their storylines collide in explosive fashion.

However, recent reports have suggested the rivalry stems beyond the ring and the two are experiencing legitimate heat.

The tensions first brewed after the WWE Draft, with SmackDown women’s champion Lynch and Raw women’s champion Flair switching brands.

In order to align the title-holders with their respective brands, the two took part in an exchange last month, which didn’t exactly go as planned.

Flair reportedly strayed from the script and dropped her belt onto the mat as Lynch reached to take it. Big Time Becks then threw her title at The Queen and accused her of “trying to make her look bad” during a backstage confrontation.

Since then, a lot of speculation has surrounded their relationship behind the scenes.

Lynch recently confirmed on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast that things were difficult between the two and she didn’t trust Flair.

A savage outburst from Flair during Friday Night SmackDown further stirred the pot as she goaded her opponent by labelling her a “fabricated champion.”

But despite what looks to be a hostile rivalry on the surface, Flair has admitted there is still a great amount of respect between the two women.

In an interview with Metro, The Queen spoke of the relationship between her and WWE’s Four Horsewomen.

“It’s an unspoken bond. Our careers have all taken different turns and ended up in different sports in different times. The level of respect is always there, no matter what.

“You just don’t… maybe we should talk about it more, but we all know how we feel about each other, what we did and what it took and how hard we worked to get where we are.”

Charlotte Flair SmackDown

The Four Horsewomen consist of Flair, Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Bayley, who have all had a huge impact on the women’s wrestling scene and are still regarded as some of the best in the world. 

Flair herself boasts an unrivalled 12 WWE titles and all four women have made history in their own right. The quartet command ultimate respect and admiration from their peers because of their achievements over the years.

Something so strong that is shared between them cannot be tainted according to The Queen.

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