How to Install Football Manager 2022 on Nintendo Switch (Complete Guide)

Football Manager 2022 Touch Nintendo Switch

Football Manager 2022 has been released on several platforms, but how do you install the game on Nintendo Switch?

The game was released on November 9th and can be purchased across most gaming platforms, with a mobile version also available for both phones and tablets.

The same Touch version is also used for the basis of the Nintendo Switch experience, so here’s a guide to everything you need to know about that version.

The game can be installed through the Nintendo Store, so here’s a look at how exactly to get the game and kickstart your managerial career on Switch!

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How much does Football Manager 2022 cost on the Nintendo Switch?

The Switch version of the game is available to buy for £29.99 from the Nintendo Store - that’s a cheaper price than the full version of the game on PC and Mac.

However, the game is available to download from Xbox Game Pass for nothing, barring the subscription fee every month.

How does FM22 work on Nintendo Switch?

FM22 Touch is a more streamlined version of the full game.

As per Nintendo’s official website, the whole point of the game is to be able to focus on tactics, matches, and transfers.

There are 123 leagues available to manage in, from 53 countries, while tactics can be tinkered with both on the go and while you have your Switch docked to the big screen.

Unique to Touch is the ability to click ‘Instant Result’, if you’re confident enough to do so, and helping you power through the seasons.

What new features are there on the Nintendo Switch?

There is improved controller functionality on Switch, meaning that the control scheme has been redrawn from the ground up.

You can now multi-select rows of information, and the process of tinkering with tactics, and making changes on the fly has never been easier. The entire user interface has also been tweaked.

There’s also an improved match engine, much like the full version of the game, the data hub is also present, and there is a more responsive media.

They will be on you like a hawk throughout the game, whether your team is struggling at the bottom of the table, or flying clear at the top.

Does this version have the 3D match engine?

Yes, you’ll be able to watch on as your team takes on the biggest games throughout the season.

It’s a major selling point of the Touch version over the Mobile version, and it’s nice to know that the Switch version has the detailed 3D match engine.

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