YouTubers ChrisMD & TBJZL try to score in 1v1 challenge vs Premier League defender


Watford duo Ben Foster and Will Troost-Ekong have demonstrated just how difficult would it be to score against a Premier League goalkeeper and defender.

The pair joined popular YouTubers ChrisMD and TBJZL for a challenge on the former’s channel. In the video, they see how many goals they can score from 50 1v1 attempts.

Hint: Not many.

YouTubers vs Premier League players

While highly entertaining, the video also serves to show just how good elite players are.

The difficulty lied in the fact that not only did Chris and Tobi have to get past Troost-Ekong – the captain of Nigeria – but they then had to beat Foster.


Even scoring one goal would have been an achievement.

So hard was the challenge proving that the rules were changed after 16 failed attempts. Troost-Ekong was no longer allowed into the box, meaning he would have to try and stop Chris and Tobi before they get into it.


Further rule changes came. Later on in the video, the YouTubers could pass the ball past Troost-Ekong – who would try to chase them down before they shot past Foster.

So how many goals did they score? Take a look.

So Tobi scored their first goal on the 27th attempt.

But it was his goal on the 31st attempt that was truly filthy. Head to 7:26 in the video to see it.

Imagine mugging off two Premier League players like that. Unreal.

In total, they scored four goals out of 50. Not many but given the scale of the task, it’s a very, very good effort.


Foster himself has become a YouTuber, his ‘The Cycling GK’ channel garnering a lot of popularity as it provides a glimpse into the life of a professional footballer.

The Watford ‘keeper is closing in on 1 million subscribers at the time of writing and his stuff is must-watch for football fans.

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