FIFA 22 Adidas 99 Numbers Up Promo: Players React To The Mini-Release of Cards

Players have reacted to the mini-release in the Adidas 99 Numbers Up FIFA 22 Promo

EA recently revealed a three-card mini release for their new Adidas 99 Numbers Up Promo in FIFA 22, and fans have now reacted to the latest drop in the game.

Players have already stated their reservations about the Adidas Promo in the game, and it appears to have now moved over into complete hate for the latest promo in the game.

The three players that have been released among the Copa, Predator and X cards look impressive on the surface, but veteran FUT players aren’t having it.

The overall feeling, especially on the r/FIFA subreddit, is that the Adidas 99 Numbers Up Promo is a complete waste of time.

Some players have even said on social media that they have no plans to open any packs during the promo, which isn’t a great look for EA nor is it good for the sale of FIFA Points on the FUT system.

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FIFA 22 Adidas

Fans React To Adidas 99 Mini-Release

The three cards that were released are as follows:

  • Fabian CM - 84 Overall (Copa Card)
  • Di Maria RW - 89 Overall (X Card)
  • Alli CAM - 85 Overall (Predator Card)

Despite these cards having some decent overalls and the chance to be part of some decent teams in the game, players on r/FIFA are just not impressed at all.

One Redditor noted that this is a result of fans “demanding” new content all of the time, and in their view, EA has been scrambling to get new card types out as quickly as possible.

They said: “Well this is what happens when people constantly demand new content. They can't put out amazing cards every single promo or else we'd have TOTY level cards in November.

“I remember in FIFA 18 and 19, promos actually felt special and exciting because they weren't constantly going on, then players demanded more promos, which is what we're getting now.”

Another Redditor would claim that the Promo itself isn’t actually for the ‘hardcore’ players of the game. They said: “It doesn't have to be [a] good [promo]. This promo is targeted at kids that play football and think their dribbling will get better if they get the Adidas shoes from Santa or whatever.

“It's honestly baffling how people don't get what Adidas and EA are doing here. It has nothing to do with the game. It doesn't matter whether it's a good promo or not. EA sells packs anyway.

“Put Neymar in ToTW and next week Mbappe and the cash keeps rolling in. This promo is just an additional thing. Nothing more, nothing less and you can be damn sure both parties benefit from it in some way.”

Either way, it’s clear that the fan base online is not huge on the big new Promo from EA and Adidas.


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