WWE Raw: Becky Lynch hits back at 'bitter' Charlotte Flair as feud builds

Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch has responded to Charlotte Flair’s most recent outburst about their accelerating rivalry.

Last week on Friday Night SmackDown, The Queen disrespected her opponent in a savage mic work segment, branding Big Time Becks “a fabricated champion.”

Lynch took to Twitter on the night to address the comments, but has now had her say on air during a similarly rage-fuelled speech on last night’s episode of Raw.

The Man’s initial reply was a tweet scoffing at Flair’s claims.

“Hahahaha. Did Charlotte just say there’s nothing natural about ME?! That’s brilliant,” she wrote.

Lynch then upped the ante in her Survivor Series promo — referring back to the time the two WWE stars were not just allies but good friends. 

“Charlotte Flair out here acting like she doesn’t know who the hell I am,” the red brand champion said as the crowd clamoured around her. “Well, let me remind you Charlotte — I’m the person who used to be your best friend, the person who you rode everywhere with.

“But I’m also the person who realised being friends with Charlotte Flair comes with conditions. And those conditions are that you be the star and I be the person in the background. 

“I’m the person who said ‘to hell with your friendship’ and slapped you so hard across the face it sent me into a different stratosphere. I’m the person whose success made you the most miserable human being I have ever met — who has made you so bitter that you don’t even like yourself anymore.”

The crowd erupted as Lynch threatened to “beat the ever-living p*ss” out of Flair on Sunday when the two go head-to-head at Survivor Series. 

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Big Time Becks and The Queen make up two of the Four Horsewomen of WWE. The group is known as such because of each woman’s iconic achievements and long-running dominance across the company’s two brands. 

An on-screen rivalry between two alpha heels has now become a more personal matter. Lynch recently confirmed the difficulties between the two off air and it will all boil over when the two clash on the November pay-per-view.

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