FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: 82+ Passing SBC Requirements

Here are the requirements for the 82+ Passing SBC in FIFA 22

The previously leaked 82+ guaranteed packs coming to FIFA 22 have now been released, and EA has also confirmed that there are SBC tasks to complete in FUT for players to grab themselves one of these special packs.

The initial leaks for these 82+ rated packs noted that 82+ Pace, 82+ Dribbling and 82+ Passing would be released in the game.

EA has opted to add these SBC tasks as an extra little treat for players who don’t have the coins to buy the packs themselves outright on the FIFA store.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 82+ Passing SBC that has been added to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Out of the three new SBCs released to the Ultimate Team system, Passing comes in dead last behind Pace and Passing in terms of usefulness in-game.

You’ll be looking at around 6,000 coins to complete the SBC from scratch, and the potential for getting a high rated player is not great overall.

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82+ Passing SBC Requirements on FIFA 22

Here are the requirements for the 82+ Passing SBC on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team:

  • Player Level: Min Gold
  • Rare: Min 6
  • Team Chemistry: Min 30
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Is The SBC Worth Completing?

In a word? No.

Compared to the amazing offer with the 82+ Pace Player Pack SBC and the comparatively ok offer of the 82+ Dribbling SBC, to complete this SBC from scratch at 6,000 is fairly pointless.

It’s only worth attempting this if you’re a FUT completionist, otherwise, you’re better off heading to the transfer market in Ultimate Team to find a player with 82 or higher passing stats.

So to say this is a letdown of an SBC is an understatement when the other two new SBC tasks offer a far better return for your coins spent.

It’s worth noting that this is a repeatable SBC, but in fairness there’s really no point in completing it in the first place, unless you’re one of those aforementioned FUT completionists.

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