Lewis Hamilton: Onboard footage of his perfect Max Verstappen set up in Brazil


Lewis Hamilton gave the world an astonishing reminder of his talents behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car as he won the Brazilian Grand Prix last weekend.

With the odds stacked against him following a number of penalties that saw him start sprint qualifying in last place, and then the race itself in 10th, Hamilton's Brazilian masterclass has to be one of the greatest drives ever.

Hamilton had no choice but to drive like a man possessed, with fierce rival Max Verstappen on the brink of finally breaking the Brit's iron grip on the drivers title.

Behind the wheel of a reborn Mercedes, Hamilton tore around the Interlagos circuit, making some of the best drivers in the world look as though they were going in reverse.

He ruthlessly worked his way through the field and, before Max could blink, it was Lewis in his rearview mirrors.

With the Mercedes functioning at probably its highest level this season, the Red Bull star knew he was in for a torrid time as he bid to defend his place in first.


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With so much at stake, it was almost predictable that there would be frenzied wheel-to-wheel drama with Verstappen forcing Hamilton clean off the track in an effort to stave off his advance.

In doing so, Verstappen forced himself wide as well, showing just how desperate he was to keep Hamilton behind him.

Ultimately, his efforts would prove to be in vain, with the seven-time world champion scorching past him with time to spare in the race as he cruised to another GP victory.


The aerial footage shows that it was a picture perfect manoeuvre from Lewis, but new onboard footage has emerged showing that it was a set up long in the making.

The clip shows Lewis faking to pass Max going into the first corner with Max taking the bait in his attempt to defend.

This left the Dutchman woefully out of shape for the next section, with Lewis pouncing to wrestle the lead away from his fierce rival.

While 'trolling' might be a bit of a strong use of terminology, there can be no doubting it was an absolutely incredible set up.

The F1 roadshow jets off the Qatar next with the title race still firmly in the balance.

Can Max dust himself off and go again in the desert nation? Or did the Lewis win in Brazil mark a proverbial turning of the tide? 

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