Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen: Dutchman's onboard footage finally released


The Brazilian Grand Prix was certainly one for the ages, complete with that trademark twinge of friction that has encompassed the season.

There were narratives galore ahead of the race as Lewis Hamilton was first handed a five-place grid penalty courtesy of Mercedes opting for a new engine, and then disqualified from qualifying over a rear-wing infringement.

Bet against Lewis Hamilton at your own peril, though, as most Formula One fans learned this past weekend.

Starting at 10th on the grid, the seven-time world champion put on a masterclass as he raced past his challengers to take his place right where he belongs – at the very top.

The race was not devoid of controversy, though.

On lap 48, desperate to keep Hamilton at bay, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen dipped into his bag of tricks. The Dutchman had his British rival hot on his heels, but steamed towards the Mercedes on Turn Four, forcing both drivers off track, with the Red Bull only just avoiding contact.

The stewards noted the incident but decided against investigating Verstappen, which infuriated Mercedes chief Toto Wolff.

Live footage of the race didn’t quite cover the incident at the time, but onboard footage from Verstappen’s dash has since emerged, shining a whole new light on what transpired.

It shows Verstappen’s Red Bull carrying a head of steam late into the turn, seemingly deliberately shoving the Mercedes off the track.

On lap 53, Hamilton was informed that Verstappen wouldn’t be investigated, a turn of events Hamilton later said he expected. “Of course,” was his curt reply to the development at the time.



Nonetheless, Verstappen messed with the bulls and got the horns over the weekend.

In a charging rush, Hamilton fought back to be the first to the chequered flag in Sao Paulo to cut Verstappen’s championship lead to 14 points.

In the process, the Brit racked up a record-extending 101st Grand Prix win in pursuit of a historic eighth world title, as one does.

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