WWE: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang says he'd win Arsenal Royal Rumble with The Undertaker's theme

Pierre-Emerick Aubemayang thinks he'd win Arsenal WWE Royal Rumble match

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has not made a secret that he's a big fan of professional wrestling, but Arsenal's striker even fancies his chances inside the squared circle.

During a Q&A with Sky Sports, Aubameyang was asked who would win a Royal Rumble featuring just members of the Arsenal team, and the Gabonese striker fancies his chances.

It's his love of WWE which Aubameyang thinks would tip him over the edge, saying that his knowledge of "the moves" would ensure that he wins the Royal Rumble match:

“I would win it, for sure, because I’m a big fan I know how to do the moves and everything. I think I can win the Royal Rumble!”

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has attended WWE events in the past when Vince McMahon has put on shows in London, and it's two former WWE Champions that the 32-year-old wants to emulate.

During the Q&A, Aubameyang revealed that he'd like to use The Undertaker's iconic entrance music before a WWE Royal Rumble match with his Arsenal teammates. 

“To tell the truth, I will take the music from The Undertaker. The bells are ringing [shivers] it’s crazy! Gives me goosebumps.”

Aubameyang occasionally celebrates his goals with a trademark frontflip, so it isn't too surprising to hear that he'd use Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb as his signature move.

“I could do a front-flip like Jeff Hardy? Yeah, why not?”

WWE is always looking for mainstream sports stars to get involved with shows, so given Aubameyang's love for the business, perhaps WWE will look to bring him when he retires.

While an Arsenal Royal Rumble match may not happen, we do know that WWE's next Royal Rumble show will be taking place in January 2022 in St. Louis.

You can watch the WWE Royal Rumble on January 29 next year live in the US on Peacock and in all other international markets on the WWE Network.

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