Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen: Martin Brundle gives his verdict on Brazil GP incident


Fans from both sides of the incident have been having debates on social media ever since the race finished, but now Martin Brundle has weighed in on the battle between the two at the top of the championship.

Turn four on lap 48 has been the talking point from a weekend full of talking points and everyone from the Formula 1 world has had their say, including Sky’s F1 presenter and former F1 racer.

Brundle has avoided picking a side too heavily, unlike the majority of people on social media, and believes that the incident was simply “too close to call.”

It appears that Brundle thinks both Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will have their different arguments about what transpired.

In his Sky column, Brundle analysed the event on lap 48 and gave a racer’s insight into what each driver would have been thinking.

“Hamilton was relentless and on lap 48, Verstappen had to weave and defend, placing Hamilton on the outside but racing line into turn four. Max will say they both braked late, him from the dirty part of the track, and both ran wide.”

Brundle goes on to say: "Max would also say that when he realised Lewis had gone into the run-off area, he straightened his car to do the same and accelerate away.

“On viewing the onboard footage, it confirms that Max braked very late and was slow and limited with his turn-in point, but at no point did he open the steering wheel towards Lewis. It was totally on the limit and could have easily gone either way with the stewards.

“It warranted a driving-standards warning black and white flag at least."

This highlights the controversial nature of the confrontation and how tight the call is as both drivers would be able to defend themselves when it comes to being questioned over the incident.

Brundle goes on to reiterate that the debate around lap 48 would simply hit a standstill as it would begin to revolve around hypothetical statements from both teams.



Mercedes may still ask for a stewards' review, but those claims rarely get a change of decision. In any event, Red Bull will say they cruised at the end and so any five-second penalty putting them behind Bottas would be unfair, Max would have just driven faster, to which Mercedes will say so would have Valtteri.”

All in all, it is clear that both racers and teams believe that their point of view in this situation is right, as they tend to always think.

Martin Brundle sums up perfectly that a change to any of the current rulings is unlikely and both drivers will have to do their talking on the racetrack as we reach the home straight of the season.

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