Battlefield 2042: Patch Dates Revealed

Battlefield 2042: Patch Dates Revealed

Battlefield 2042 will be released on Friday 19th November 2021 and we have revealed the first few patch dates after they have been confirmed.

The futuristic multiplayer action game has been in early access stages and the reaction from the gaming community has been enjoyed by many.

Patches are massively important for games, especially near the start of a game being released as there will be a fair few minor bugs that need updating.

You don’t normally find out upcoming patch dates in this manner, but this is a very good way for the developers to communicate with the gaming community in this way.

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Patch Dates Revealed for Battlefield 2042

Three patch dates have been revealed for upcoming game Battlefield 2042 and they all happen within the period of a month of the game being officially released.

Here are the full patch dates revealed with all major details you should know.

  • Day 1 Patch: Friday November 19th 2021 (Launch patch)
  • Day 10 Patch: Tuesday November 30th 2021 (Quality of life update)
  • Day 25 Patch: Tuesday December 7th 2021 (Content patch)

For those who believe that the Day 1 Patch is going to fix a lot of issues, this is not the case as it is expected this will happen more in the Day 10 Patch.

The only confusion for players is that the Day 10 and Day 25 names make no sense relative to the date.

There will be fixes in the Day 1 patch, but if the community has found any problems with the game during early access which wasn’t picked up before the end of October by the developers, it will be addressed in the Day 10 patch.

Battlefield 2042

Meanwhile, the Day 25 Patch includes additions pushed from launch and will not actually be any in-game content. The Day 25 is not stuff like weapons or maps.

The biggest blow for gamers, especially in the modern gaming world, is the fact that there will not be any new in-game content coming to the game for several months.

Hopefully by the end of these three patch dates, the game will be looking a lot more like the developers and the gaming community want it to be.

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