Floyd Mayweather gives impassioned speech about robbery in boxing


Floyd Mayweather made an unexpected appearance at the WBC Convention in Mexico City this week, where he spoke about his issues with recent judging and refereeing performances in the sport.

During the third segment of the WBC Ring Officials Seminar, ‘Money’ Mayweather urged referees to be fairer with their scoring, and asked them to consider the impacts it may have on a fighter.

“I’ll always support the WBC. I’ll always support the other organisations. But we just want the fighters to be treated fairly.

“And it hurts me, as a fighter. Sometimes we’re sitting at home watching boxing on TV, and say ‘you know what, this isn’t right for the sport’.”

You can watch the American's speech further down this article, courtesy of talkSPORT's Michael Benson.

Many users on social media have voiced their support for Mayweather's opinion, citing Dillian Whyte’s snubbing of a title shot as a prime example.

Whyte, who’s the current interim heavyweight champion, has taken legal action in recent years over his lack of title fight opportunities with the company.

The WBC were expected to name Whyte as the mandatory challenger to Tyson Fury during the convention this week, yet have made no indications thus far.

“And this makes me want to stay away from the sport when the fighters aren’t being treated fair,” continued Mayweather.

“You have to realise this, a fighter has to live with that pain forever. An official can go home and live with their family, but it hurts a fighter. Not just physically, but mentally.”



Mayweather hasn’t entered the ring since his exhibition bout with social media personality Logan Paul in summer, and hasn’t had a professional bout since his 2017 fight with Conor McGregor.

Any chance of a return from the legendary five-time division world champion may lie in the hands of the boxing higher ups.

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