Floyd Mayweather net worth: Boxing legend now owns NINE skyscrapers


Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers of all time, something which is reflected by his career earnings.

There is no solid evidence to back it up, but the American claims to have accumulated in excess of $1 billion.

He went 50-0 over a few decades of in-ring action, so what is he up to now?

Mayweather retired professionally in 2017, although he has clashed with Tenshin Nasukawa of Japan and internet sensation turned fighter Logan Paul in exhibition events. The latter, in particular, has certainly added to his staggering wealth!

Floyd recently admitted to not missing the intense training and everything else involved with the brutal sport, and in typical fashion, went on to brag about his impressive collection of buildings.

Addressing himself in third person, he said: “Floyd Mayweather made a lot of smart investments.

"One of the buildings I own is the tallest commercial building in America.”


The building in question is the One Vanderbilt, which stands at a mind-blowing 93 stories. It is located in Midtown, Manhattan.

Throughout his time in the spotlight, we have seen Mayweather in a number of luxury situations. Whether it be wearing designer clothing, getting off his private jet or driving the nicest of cars, Floyd knows and has it all.

His empire since leaving the spotlight of pro boxing has grown year on year. It was revealed by his close friend Leonord Ellerbe that the man from Grand Rapids, Michigan is aiming to make another billion, but this time for his exploits beyond the ropes.

A strip club, a fashion line, real estate and a music label are at the fore of his assets.



Amongst Floyd’s numerous buildings/properties are homes in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, a £19 million Beverley Hills mansion arguably being the jewel in his illustrious crown.

He was a true star of the sport. He is a legend that will remain etched in history. Yet, he is still not done, Floyd will continue to dominate headlines and we are here for it!

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