WWE: Sheamus reacts after someone 'uses his move' in brutal street fight

Sheamus WWE

Sheamus has reacted and sent out an important message after a video emerged of someone using his move in a fight in the middle of the street.

A video emerged on social media this week of a fight between two men in the middle of the street, and many have suggested that one of the men used Sheamus' WWE move, White Noise.

The clip saw the man duck out of the way of a kick from another individual before putting him on his back and jumping down, landing with his full force on the other individual.

Many people on social media seemed to see the funny side of what went down, with WWE producer Shane Helms sharing the video online, even tagging Sheamus to alert him to the similarities.

Sheamus didn't see the funny side of what happened, however. The former WWE Champion even issued a warning to fans about the dangers of trying to replicate what WWE stars do.

The SmackDown star took to social media yesterday to remind fans that they SHOULD NOT try and copy the moves that WWE Superstars do in the ring.

Sheamus explained that the moves that these wrestlers do can do "real damage", so untrained fans should think twice before trying to replicate them.

Sheamus was drafted over to Friday Night SmackDown last month, and it seems like WWE is preparing to either have him team with, or feud with, former NXT star Ridge Holland.

You can watch Sheamus every single week on WWE SmackDown live in the UK on BT Sport.

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