Formula 1: Lando Norris & Carlos Sainz share views on FIA stewards' consistency after Brazil

sainz norris

It’s been a pretty contentious week in Formula 1, to say the least, with matters in Brazil bleeding well into the build-up for the inaugural Qatar Grand Prix this weekend.

Whilst the sport likes to get a result classified and move onto the next event, that happening is not always guaranteed and, in the light of new footage of Max Verstappen’s car being released in his battle with Lewis Hamilton in Brazil, we find ourselves waiting on the result of a hearing to see if the Dutchman is going to get a retrospective penalty.

This all stems, of course, from the stewards in Sao Paulo taking no action at the time over the incident at turn 4 on lap 48, that saw both drivers run wide off of the circuit, with it apparent that they had judged the driving hard but fair, and very much on the limit from Max.

That said, we have seen other incidents of similar nature both punished and let go in the past, prompting the question of whether there is enough consistency in the stewards’ decisions.

It was a poser that Sky Sports’ Craig Slater put to Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz and you can see what they had to see below, with the video courtesy of Sky F1 on YouTube:

The pair probably pulled their punches a little but you get the feeling that they think there could be more done to ensure better consistency with decisions made during races.

Of course, the stewards have a massively difficult task with incidents sometimes happening at nearly 200 mph and each moment, despite similarities, is unique in context.

It’s fair for the drivers to expect the stewards to be as on the money as possible most of the time, though, and you would argue, despite a lot of the typical outcry on social media, most of the time they do get it right.

Moments like Sunday’s will always bring them back under scrutiny themselves, though, and we’ll wait and see what they rule this afternoon at the hearing.


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