Jake & Logan Paul, KSI, Joe Weller: YouTube boxers ranked from 'God Tier' to 'Should Retire'


There is a lot of fierce opposition to the so-called YouTube boxing scene from the traditional fans of the sport.

That being said, it has seen great success thus far and has even tempted in some true boxing greats. But who are the stars?

What better way to decide than with a tier list!

The concept was seemingly birthed with Joe Weller and Theo Baker, two British giants of the platform who fought in 2017.

The former came out on top and then clashed with KSI, a.k.a. Olajide Olatunji the following year. KSI, or JJ, is arguably the biggest content creator in this country and is the figurehead of the ‘Sidemen’ group.

Fast forward a few years and now so many stars from YouTube, Vine, TikTok and other social media platforms have taken to boxing.

Whether it be for the money or for the physical benefits, it has become very popular and common.


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Starting at the bottom with the SHOULD RETIRE tier and this features FouseyTube, Mike Fox and Bryce Hall.

Mike Fox is from the UK and is much less relevant now whereas the other two are big American names whether it be positive or negative.

Next to STINKER which features the aforementioned Joe Weller, Irishman MaxPlaysFifa, Alex Wasabi and overtflow.

This tier contains though that haven’t had too many fights, or those that have, but they didn’t go to well. Weller could arguably be higher up solely because he was at the heart of it all beginning.


Moving on to MEH and Logan Paul, one of the biggest names over in the States, features here. Along with Paul there is Deji, brother of KSI, Jay Swingler, one half of TGF Bros and finally Halal Ham.  

Paul recently fought Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and whilst he lost to KSI in their rematch, Meh still seems somewhat harsh. Deji was involved in the recent Social Gloves event that pitted TikTokers against YouTubers.

DECENT is the first positive tier and it contains AnEsonGib and JMX amongst others. AnEsonGib is affectionately nicknamed ‘7 figure Gibber’ and although he lost to Jake Paul in his only ever professional fight, he is 3-0 at an amateur level.


His most recent bout saw him beat American Taylor Holder, the other two opponents both being on this list: MaxPlaysFifa and Jay from TGF.

Along with those two Brits are two members of the Faze Clan, Sensei and Jarvis, then finally Australian Michael, one half of the duo RackaRacka (alongside his twin brother Danny).

Penultimately there is the ALMOST THERE tier which is headlined by the previously mentioned KSI.

JJ has taken on so much, starting with YouTube and since trying TV, music, boxing and acting to name just a few things.


The 28-year-old from Watford beat Joe Weller, drew with Logan Paul and then righted that wrong in the rematch.

There has been talk of him fighting Jake Paul, Logan’s younger brother, amongst others, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Along with KSI is Austin McBroom. The American headlined the Social Gloves event with his fight against fellow countryman Bryce Hall.

The pair are both fairly controversial figures and so there was a lot of chatter around this fight, Austin coming out on top via TKO.


Finally to the GOD TIER, the one you have all been waiting for.

Both Paul brothers are huge names, both have been surrounded by controversy throughout their careers, and both have a fighting background from their youth.

Jake has surpassed the YouTube boxing scene, beating pro fighters such as Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren. Next for him? Tommy Fury, half-brother of Tyson and a Love Island star too!

So that is that. Our tier list of YouTube fighters. From the ones worth forgetting about to the best of the best…

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