AEW: Bryan Danielson teases heel turn on Dynamite


This Wednesday's edition of Dynamite kick-started the title feud between recently crowned champion, "Hangman" Adam Page, and number one contender, Bryan Danielson. However, this is an unfamiliar Bryan Danielson.

Bryan Danielson has been dominant since stepping foot in All Elite Wrestling. Having classic matches with the rosters finest. He went to the end of the time limit with World Champion at the time Kenny Omega, while also defeating formidable opponents such as Miro.

However, on Dynamite, we saw a different side to Danielson that we have not come across in AEW as of yet. Danielson's motto is that he is here to "kick people's head in". That is exactly what he did in his bout with Dark Order member Evil Uno, where Danielson picked up the victory via submission. But there was more to Danielson's Dynamite appearance as there was a lot to take away from his promo before the match and also post-match.

The start of the show saw Danielson interrupt Adam Page's celebration when he heard his name mentioned. In which Danielson told Page that he was "a little disappointed that he wasn't fighting Kenny Omega" and that "Cowboy s*** doesn't involve wrestling every week". In which he compared the fact he had fought every week in comparison to Page, whose appearances have been more sporadic in AEW's squared circle. The mind games initiated by Bryan became personal and spearheaded the rivalry to another level.


 The match with Evil Uno was hard-hitting and relentless, just as you would expect from a Danielson match. However, post-match saw Danielson cut a very serious and cutthroat promo aimed at the Dark Order. He sent a threat to Adam Page and the Dark Order, stating that he was going to "kick all of their heads in" much to the dislike of the crowd. He then proceeds to call out Colt Cabana for a match next week in Colt's hometown of Chicago where he plans on humiliating him and living up to his promise.


This aggressive side of Danielson could lead to a strong heel character which is very interesting and is developing the potential for another piece of history in AEW's museum of must-see moments.

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