Mike Tyson claims he 'died' the first time he tried toad venom to get high


Former world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson explained the time when he tried deadly toad venom to experience an amazing high.

With several drugs and highs on the market these days it is easy to get hold of these stimulants, which can make you experience and sense many a thing that you wouldn’t be able to feel otherwise.

Tyson spent some time at Wonderland, in Miami, he attended a press conference there specifically educating people on medicine and how to also use the correct doses for safe use.

Tyson spoke to the New York Post recently and gave his take on the experience he had whilst taking the hallucinogenic. He went on to say.

I passed away when I experienced the high for the first time

“In my time I’ve witnessed that death is amazing. Living and dying together both have the same importance, where as death usually is seen as a bad thing.

“The Toad has made me realise that one day I won’t be here anymore. There will be a day when I’m gone.”


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“I thought I would attempt to try the toad venom. As I have used a large amount of drugs in the past such as cocaine, it’s something different that I could experience compared to the drugs I’ve taken before.”

“When I was thinking about using the venom. I wasn’t in a good way. The hardest person I’ve ever faced is myself. Previously I’ve had a lack of confidence. When people see me they probably think I’m a confident guy but that’s the complete opposite.”

Tyson couldn’t remember exactly how he ‘passed away’ as the drug is an hallucinogenic it is extremely likely that he experienced something known as ‘ego death’. This is common when taking these types of highs and drugs.


Many others who have tried mushrooms, ayahuasca, and also LSD have explained it feeling like you’ve lost your ‘identity’ with this drug known for removing your ego.

Like the many others who have tried the venom, it has changed them in many ways, But showing them a different outlook on the way they think.

The former world heavyweight champion, has used the venom up to 50 times previously he suggests by using it, it has shown him a different path to help him with his life.

Tyson thinks that it has changed him, making him more productive, which in return is turning him into a better ‘person’. The toad Tyson consumed is known as Bufo alvarius, but is also known as Sonoran Desert Toad.

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The small animal which originated from Mexico, spends most of its time in hibernation, the toad only creates the venom when not in hibernation.

It is known that you can turn the venom into a powder so it can be smoked and inhaled. Tyson did disclose that he got the venom from his own nursery which is based and grown in Desert Hot Springs California.

The former boxer is also keen on promoting this style of medication for medical use as well as recreationally.

Tyson said “I am trying to get the use of psychedelics, to become a medicine you can obtain over the counter rather than needing a doctors prescription”. He then went on to say “I am not done yet”. “I want to achieve so much more and continue to be the best version on myself”.

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