FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: What is the Heroes Joe Cole Glitch?

Here's everything you need to know about the FIFA 22 Joe Cole glitch in Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 introduced Hero cards into Ultimate Team, but the Joe Cole card, in particular, has been causing issues and a major glitch over the past few months.

It was believed that the issue had been patched, although the glitch made a return to servers in November 2021, meaning that players could not enter a game with the England legend in their squad.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Joe Cole glitch in FIFA 22 and how to try and avoid it in-game.

Players noticed the issue early on in the life cycle of FIFA 22, with EA having to release a fix in the first patch for the game.

It was revealed that players with FUT Hero Joe Cole in their squad were unable to enter a match, but it was believed that the first patch fix had eliminated the problem.

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Has the Joe Cole Glitch returned on FIFA 22?

With the release of Title Update #3, it appears as though having Cole in your squad is again going to cause an issue.

The issue arises when the card reaches zero games left of his contract. Several players confirmed in the original slew of issues that they could not add extra games to the player’s stats, with a Contract consumable just seemingly being ‘eaten up’ by the card like an ATM nicking your credit card.

Now the glitch appears to have come back, with several players taking to social media to lambast EA for letting such an issue crop up time and again.

Several gamers on the r/FIFA subreddit have been unhappy with the issue for quite some time, especially as Hero cards were part of the pre-order incentive for the game and yet there are still issues as we head to late November 2021.

One Redditor asked, “honestly, how do they do this time and time again?” whilst another claimed that “the incompetence with this company is unreal.”

As of writing there does not appear to be a response from EA regarding the issue, but hopefully, it is something that can be resolved for players as soon as possible.

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