NBA 2K22: The top 7 MyPLAYER builds for dominating the game

NBA 2K22: Top 7 builds for MyPLAYER

Defining which kind of style you want your character to be known for is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your NBA 2K22 MyCAREER.

Whether you’re all about elite defensive play, want to become one of the best power forwards in the game, or value flair and flamboyance as the most vital component, your player build is where it all begins.

This guide aims to provide you with detailed advice on some of the best player builds within NBA 2K22, from defining your specific position, your wingspan and matching your chosen playing style, to all the in-game attributes.

Disclaimer: this is part of a paid promotion with NBA 2K. The builds and guidance mentioned throughout this piece may vary depending on whether you’re playing on a current or next-gen console.

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Two-way Shot Creator

A fast point-guard that will equally excel in lay-ups and dunks as well as pulling their weight in some clutch three-point and mid-range shots. Distribute the points wisely and your player will be adept on both ends of the court – offensive and defensively.

It’s important that this character is agile and nimble across the floor. A height between 6’2 and 6’4 is desirable to go with, as well as minimal weight and wingspan.

Invest heavily in offensive attributes like driving lay-ups, driving dunk and three-point shooting. But given you’re making a point guard, ensure you save some points for playmaking so you don’t miss those game-winning passes.

After you’re done, it’s time to put the finishing touches to your build. There’s options like ankle-breaking and spot-up precision. If you’re on new-gen, you have the option to choose two, but if you’re on a current console, you can only pick one. Will you make your very own Damian Lillard or Ja Morant?

Sharpshooting Facilitator

NBA 2K22 sharpshooting facilitator

We’re not sure if anyone can ever clone Steph Curry… but you can try with this next build. Fine-tune your three-point shot play to Hall of Fame levels while still dishing out plenty of assists throughout the game. If you’re mechanically skilled in all things NBA 2K22, this may pique your interest.

Height-wise, a character between 6’2 and 6’4 is ideal so they don’t lose too much speed, alongside minimal and maximum wingspan – you’re creating a scoring machine, after all. Prioritise the mid-range, three-point and free-throw shooting, this covers your back when the referees fault you!

Avoid investing too heavily in finishing as this is not the point of the build. You should then have enough points to increase your pass accuracy, ball handling, speed with the ball, and steal. You’ve got to put the team on your back in the face of adversity.

Two-way Slasher

NBA 2K22 two-way slasher

While the first two builds favour one key attribute over the rest. This next one is probably the most all-rounded on this list. As a small forward, you should ideally be highly proficient in all areas such as passing the ball, finishing and defending. this way you’ll have a balanced player that can help on both ends of the court if you fine-tune their skill-set.

In order to sculpt this essential two-way player, scale with height 6’6, 178 pounds and max wingspan. This will ensure your player’s still agile but also strong enough to withstand your opponents pressure, while the added wingspan will allow you to shoot the ball both finishing and defending.

It’ll be key to assign your points to close shot, driving lay-up, driving dunk and standing dunk. Avoid shooting stats — other than free throws — and invest a lot of points in ball handles and speed with the ball. This should free up enough points to use on perimeter defense, steal and defensive rebounds.

You may not have the height to go toe-to-toe against a big man – Joel Embiid, for example — but add the slasher takeover and you could be looking at the next Kawhi Leonard.

Stretch Four

Want a power forward that can shoot from long-range as well as being superior at making lay-ups and dunks? The stretch four build will allow you to excel at both. Think Dallas Mavericks hero Dirk Nowitzki.

Create a player around 6’9, a weight of 190 pounds, and with a wingspan for roughly 88 inches to give you the edge with the shooting mechanics. Mid-range, three-point and free-throw is where to spend your points.

Although the focus shouldn’t be on spending a lot of points on finishing, it’s essential you net some three-pointers which will lure the CPU into guarding close to the perimeter line, so you can move in with your close-range shooting.

Those points saved can be invested in defensive stats such as rebounding, interior defence and blocking. You won’t necessarily be a rim protector-type player, but the badges will make you a competent defender.

2-Way Inside-Out Scorer

NBA 2K22 2-Way Inside-Out Scorer

If the rare 2-way inside-out scorer sounds like he can do it all, that’s because he pretty much can.

A slightly bigger perimeter based scorer, this build is perfect for those who want to try hard on defence and still be a surprisingly effective offensive threat. The trick to unlocking this rare build is to select the max shooting, mid-finishing skill breakdown tree, but investing more in finishing than your shooting.

As the build name suggests, you’re an inside scorer first and foremost. Start by maxing out the close shot and investing heavily in your driving lay-up and dunk. You can skip standing dunk for some more shooting, or the other way round if you plan on using this build more as an interior threat. Up to you.

Due to the skill tree we picked, we have that extra flexibility. Finish by getting your mid-range and 3 point to the high 70s and then whichever defensive stats you feel necessary to your style. We would recommend good perimeter and lateral quickness to compliment the 10 defensive badges you get with this build.

As mentioned, this build is a bit bigger. Set the height as a 6’7 small forward and increase the weight up to 250lbs and the wingspan to 87 inches. This will drop your shooting a little, but remember you’re an inside-out player, so get your buckets inside, convince the defenders you’re all about scoring down low, and slowly work your way to the outside where that 75 three-point is more than enough to knock down open jumpers.

Paint Beast

NBA 2K22 Paint Beast

The term ‘who goes hardest in the paint?!’ feels quite appropriate here. The paint beast is all about making dunks instead of dealing with sophisticated shooting mechanics.

This is one to roll back the years to a time when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Hakeem Olajuwon were dominating in the NBA.

Height will be essential for this build, 7’0 and above with a max weight and max wingspan as you’re not looking for mobility or adept shooting skills here. Go big on close shots, driving dunk and standing dunk. A good way to utilise this player in game mode is to set screens to allow your teammates time to hit a three-pointer.

Distribute your points across interior defence, plus defensive/offensive rebounding and blocking, and you’ll fast become one of the most feared rim protectors in the game.

It’s a throwback role that you don’t often see in this current era – Zion Williamson or Bam Adebayo, for example. Select glass cleaner for your takeover which will enable you to reach almost every rebound.

Slashing Shot Creator

NBA 2K22 Slashing Shot Creator

A common theme amongst smaller players this year is that a lot of them are either really good shooters or really good slashers. Until now. The slashing shot creator is a rare build that is equally as good at getting to the cup as it is pulling up from distance. Think players in the ilk of Zach Lavine, Tracy McGrady and Donovan Mitchell.

This build is reserved for shooting guards between 6’4 and 6’6, who have invested heavily into the finishing and shooting skill tree. Depending on your wingspan (we recommend 81.5 inches) this build can get upwards of 85 three-point shot stat as well as an 88 driving lay-up stat — perfect for pretty much any offensive situation.

It also boasts upwards of 80 in the playmaking categories, allowing you to keep the essence of a ball handling guard and create your own shot, set up teammates, and blow by your defender.

As far as takeover, this build is unique in that you can take the sharpshooter takeover or the slashing takeover, the choice is entirely up to you, just take the one that complements your playstyle the most.

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