Mesut Ozil's best skill? When ex-Arsenal hero silenced Anfield with one touch vs Liverpool

  • Kobe Tong

Mesut Ozil is one of the most technically gifted footballers to ever grace the Premier League.

Say what you like about the way in which his Arsenal career came to an end, there can be no denying that the German had the ability to flip a game on its head like few others have in England.

Any opposition team from top four contenders to relegation candidates would know that they were in for 90 minutes of pure footballing terror if Ozil was at the top of his game.

Ozil’s Premier League legacy

And at the end of the day, Ozil will always be remembered fondly because sometimes it’s not always about the statistics and trophies, but the unadulterated joy that footballing brilliance can offer.

All this is to say that Ozil was pretty darn unstoppable when he wanted to be and ahead of Arsenal’s clash with Liverpool at the weekend, we wanted to look back on one of his finest ever moments.

Cast your minds back to the 2015/16 season as Arsenal make their annual Premier League trip to Anfield, leading the way in a title race that they would ultimately lose to Leicester City.

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Liverpool 3-3 Arsenal

The Gunners put on an admirable performance with Olivier Giroud and Roberto Firmino exchanging braces, while Aaron Ramsey and Joe Allen also scored during an entertaining 3-3 draw.

As you can imagine, the world-famous Anfield crowd were at the top of their game for such an edge-of your-seat match and that was certainly the case heading into the final 10 minutes.

Well, at least until Ozil had his say because the Arsenal wizard managed to produce a first touch so effortless that you can audibly hear the Kopites go silent for a split-second as he killed the ball dead.

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Ozil’s touch that silenced Anfield

You know that unconscious gasp you sometimes make when something takes your breath away? Yup, that’s exactly the sort of vibe we get from the timeless footage of Ozil strutting his stuff.

It’s not often that you hear arguably the world’s best football fans silenced with one piece of skill, so be sure to relive the moment that Ozil had the Anfield crowd eating out of his hand down below:

How do you even control a football like that? Mesut, we need answers.

Ozil’s outrageous technical skill

It’s borderline astonishing how Ozil casually manages to take the ball in his stride despite the pass coming to him on the turn and arriving somewhat behind him.

In fact, Ozil barely flinched to the extent that he could seamlessly transition into the attack and deliver an outrageous cross that Ramsey was only just beaten to by Simon Mignolet’s punch.


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And that just goes to show that although one touch in isolation might not feel as though it can have a massive impact on a game, it can quickly lead to something even more deadly in its proficiency.

Well, that and the fact that silencing the Anfield crowd makes for a pretty awesome viral video, too.



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