Conor McGregor branded 'dirtbag' by Chris Weidman for meme mocking UFC leg breaks

  • Zak Leech

Controversy has once again swarmed Conor McGregor, the struggling former UFC champion who broke his leg facing Dustin Poirier back in July.

McGregor recently posted a meme showing how he was still ‘able’ to fight after his injury at UFC 264.

It seems that the Irishman believes he is in a leg, sorry, league of his own after comparing himself to both Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman who also had lower limb injuries.

However, it seems the difference lies in the severity of these injuries. Silva’s leg was broken back in 2013 during a fight with Weidman that resulted in a long two years of recovery.

Weidman’s similar injury occurred back in April during a fight with Uriah Hall. The meme posted by McGregor shows both Weidman and Silva collapsed on the ring canvas and lying motionless on a stretcher.

Meanwhile, McGregor shows images glorifying himself concentrating on the fight and gesturing to get back in the ring to continue the bout. He finally topped off the post with the caption:


“Life is not what happens to you but who you handle what happens to you” – as if it wasn’t already vain enough.

Since, Weidman has spoken out against McGregor on the ‘Won’t Back down’ podcast, citing that the post was a ‘slap in the face’ for both himself and Silva. Weidman furthermore brings McGregor’s role as a sportsman and his previous controversies into question.

“The way you acted, you know, punching this old guy in the face, then the DJ; it doesn’t stop. ‘Oh, I’m sorry to this guy. Then I’m sorry to that guy’.


“You know, then I’m saying this about Khabib’s dad and Khabib’s mum and then this about Poirier’s wife.’

“He has gone as low as you could possibly go – when it comes to dirtbag status, just the lowest of the low.”

With 2021 being a bombardment of disappointment both in and outside of the ring, McGregor’s credibility as a competitor and an all round decent human being is continually being damaged.

His career suffering from this negative publicity and a lack results to back his own wild claims. It seems that slowly and surely Mcgregor is slowly wandering into self-obsessed obscurity.

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