Lukaku, Van Dijk, Ederson: Every Premier League club's most likely player to become a WWE star

Premier League players most likely to transition into WWE

The world’s of WWE and football may be relatively different, but one of the Premier League’s top strikers thinks he has what it takes to step inside the squared circle. 

Earlier this week, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang said that he’d win an Arsenal Royal Rumble match, and that got us thinking about the other footballers that could transition into the world of WWE.

Taking Aubameyang’s comments into consideration, we’ve gone away and thought about the player from each Premier League team who would be most likely to make it in the world of professional wrestling.

Arsenal – Sead Kolasinac

Saed Kolasinac

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang may have the love for WWE, but there are other members of the squad who would probably be better suited to a wrestling career. 

He may be struggling to get onto the football pitch right now, but if Arsenal needed a player to become a WWE Superstar, there’s no doubt that Saed Kolasinac would be one of the first players they’d turn to.

Standing at 6ft tall and weighing 180lbs, Saed Kolasinac certainly wouldn’t look out of place mixing it up with the best that WWE has to offer, and he certainly has the bottle to back it up too.

A shoutout to former club captain Granit Xhaka as well. The Swiss international loves a tackle on the football pitch, and would probably hold his own inside the ring too.

Aston Villa – Tyrone Mings

Tyrone Mings

Similarly, with Saed Kolasinac, there’s no doubt that Tyrone Mings could more than handle himself standing across the ring from the best that WWE has to offer.

Standing at 6ft 5”, Mings could be one of the taller members of the WWE roster, being of the same height as The Rock, and being taller than the likes of John Cena and Roman Reigns.

Mings is known to carry himself pretty well in press conferences and interviews too, so the promo side of WWE certainly wouldn’t phase the England centre-back.

Brentford – Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney

Someone else who thrives in press conferences and interview situations, there’s no doubt that Ivan Toney could be quick-witted and charismatic on the mic while talking down his opponents.

The Brentford man has a unique look too that could probably intrigue WWE higher-ups, and the striker has shown with his penalities that he’s cool and composed, something that will put him in good position for a potential career in wrestling.

Brighton – Tariq Lamptey

Tariq Lamptey

While the other names on this list have probably been picked for their height and physical dominance, Tariq Lamptey has other assets that would make him a great fit in WWE.

Wrestling, throughout the last few decades, has moved away from being all about the heavyweights, with the smaller high-flyers now thriving in the squared circle.

The speedy Tariq Lamptey could be a menace in the ring for his opponents, quickly ducking out of moves and flying across the ring, akin to the likes of Rey Mysterio.

Another contender could be Lewis Dunk, who would be the sort of wrestlers you’d want on your team in tag match, never quitting and simply refusing to be pinned.

Burnley – Ashley Barnes

Ashley Barnes

You could have any number of Burnley’s players in a WWE ring, and we probably wouldn’t fancy my chances, including Sean Dyche, who could more than hold his own in the ring and on the mic.

However, we’ve decided to go for Ashley Barnes. Not only is Barnes a physically imposing player who has shown he’s not afraid to get stuck in, but he’s also a bit of a wind-up merchant, so would definitely have the upper hand when it comes to mind games.

But seriously, if you told us that James Tarkowski, Ben Mee and Chris Wood had gone into WWE instead, we’d be pretty petrified.

Chelsea – Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku

Standing at 6ft 3″ and weighing in at over 225 lbs, there is no doubt that Romelu Lukaku would be one of the most imposing and physically impressive wrestlers in the entirety of WWE.

Not only does the Belgian striker look physically impressive, but he’s a real handful for defenders in the Premier League, and don’t think that could be any different if he decided to transition into wrestling.

Cutting a promo should be a problem for the big man too, as the hitman speaks several European languages, so a tag team with multi-lingual Cesaro could be on the cards too.

Crystal Palace – Christian Benteke

Christian Benteke

Similarly his Belgian counterpart Romelu Lukaku, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that could manhandle Christian Benteke inside the squared circle. 

Again, just like Lukaku, Benteke has proved throughout the years that he’s a real handful for defenders, and you’d likely find that to be the same when speaking about the striker in a wrestling sense.

And also, if Christian Benteke told us that he wanted to become a WWE Superstar, and we don’t think we’d have the nerve to tell him that he couldn’t. 

Everton – Yerry Mina

Yerry Mina

From striker to centre-defender, Yerry Mina has everything that it takes to make it right to the top of WWE.

The defender is as physically impressive and dominating as they came, but has also displayed in South American international games that he has the mind games and flair to get under his opponent’s skin.

Leeds – Stuart Dallas

Stuart Dallas

Perhaps not the most obvious choice, but Mr Versatile Stuart Dallas wouldn’t be the worst shout to transition into WWE.

Dallas has played left-back, right-back and at various spots in the midfield for Leeds in the Premier League, and who’s to say he couldn’t become a handy WWE Superstar if called upon too?

Leicester – Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy

Who else was it going to be? There is no way we could pick anyone other than Jamie Vardy out of the Leicester team to become the next WWE Superstar.

Quick as you like and a potent striker, Vardy has all the makings of a top WWE Superstar, with his charisma and likeability likely to come in handy for a career in wrestling.

Perhaps one of the older names on this list, Vardy has shown no sign of slowing down, and until he loves a yard of pace, could more than handle himself into the squared circle.

Liverpool – Virgil van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk

Do we really need to explain why we’ve picked Virgil van Dijk as Liverpool’s most likely player to become a WWE Superstar?

The Dutch international is as physically dominating as anyone in the Premier League, and a vocal leader that would make him an expert ring general in matches with less experienced wrestlers.

The nickname ‘Big Virg’ writes itself, and the defender’s natural likeability and charisma, as well as his mainstream popularity, could make him one of the biggest draws on this list.

Manchester City – Ederson


Put it this way, we wouldn’t mess with Ederson.

The Brazilian shot-stopper is one of the most intimidating and scary players in the Premier League right now, and that would make him perfect for a career in professional wrestling.

Imagine being caught on one of the end of Ederson’s lethal kicks too. We wouldn’t even wish that on our worst enemies.

Harry Maguire – Manchester United

Harry Maguire

If things don’t start turning around for Harry Maguire on the football pitch with Manchester United, perhaps the centre-half should consider transitioning into the world of professional wrestling.

Headbutts are one of the most lethal moves in wrestling, as evidenced by several Samoan wrestlers throughout history, and we wouldn’t like to be caught on the end of a headbutt from Harry Maguire.

Again, a physical presence on the football pitch, there’s no doubt that Harry Maguire wouldn’t be a slouch if he decided to make the move to WWE.

Newcastle – Allan Saint-Maximin

Allan Saint-Maximin

Just like Tariq Lamptey, Saint-Maximin may not be one of the most physically dominating footballers, but the French winger has the flair and speed to make it work in wrestling.

He’d probably be pretty over with the fans too, as ASM’s flair, social media game, and flashiness make him one of the Premier League’s most likeable players.

Norwich – Grant Hanley

Grant Hanley

It was a real toss-up between Grant Hanley and Ozan Kabak when looking at who within Norwich’s squad would make it in WWE, but we decided to go with the Scottish centre-half.

The decision came down to who we’d least rather face in a fight, and Grant Hanley took the crowd on that one. His hardman exterior and never-say-die attitude would make him a real handful in the WWE.

Southampton – Fraser Forster

Fraser Forster

Just look at him. Only a handful of the WWE roster would be taller than Fraser Forster, and there’s no doubt that any victory against the goalkeeper could be incredibly hard-fought.

Standing at over 6ft 7″, there’s absolutely no doubt that Fraser Forster would be the exact sort of physical specimen that WWE higher-ups would drool over.

Tottenham Hotspur – Eric Dier

Eric Dier

Again, as we’ve said for many other names on this list, you wouldn’t want to pick a fight with Tottenham defender Eric Dier.

While he may have his critics on the football pitch, there’s no doubt that Eric Dier would be able to hold his own in the ring.

While Pierre-Emile Hojberg was a close second, Dier would end up being our pick from the Tottenham squad to transition into WWE.

Watford – Moussa Sissoko

Moussa Sissoko

From a current member of the Tottenham squad to a former one, there’s absolutely no doubt that Moussa Sissoko would be our pick from the Watford side to transition into WWE.

While Ben Foster would be comedy gold in WWE, vlogging his experiences at WrestleMania, you can’t look place the physical dominance of the French midfielder here.

A known physical menace from his time at White Hart Lane, you’d have to throw everything in your locker at Moussa Sissoko to get the big man off his feet, making him the perfect candidate for WWE run.

West Ham – Declan Rice

Declan Rice

He may not be the biggest or most physical player in the West Ham squad, but Declan Rice has the heart and desire to make it in WWE.

A great character too, and someone who is not afraid to be in front of the camera, there is absolutely no doubt that Declan Rice would take to WWE like a duck to water.

Oh, and he’s shown previously that he’s willing to get involved with WWE, so perhaps this is a crossover we’ve actually got the potential of seeing in the future?

Wolves – Conor Coady

Conor Coady

When it comes to Wolves, it was really a pick of the centre-halves, and we’ve decided to go for former Liverpool player Conor Coady.

Similarly to Declan Rice, Conor Coady is a real character who would not shy away from the opportunity of being in front of the camera and cutting promos, the England international would also be able to hold his own in the ring too.

Oh, and tell me you wouldn’t want to see Coady either managed by, or teaming with, Jamie Carragher?

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