Football Manager 2022: The Best Tactics to Use Right Now

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Football Manager 2022 can be an extremely challenging game, so we have created a guide for the best tactics that you can use to have the best chance of succeeding!

Of course, if you played FM21 you’ll be aware that the Gegenpress system was undefeated.

It was remarkably easy to slap that system on your team, wherever you were in the pyramid, and see your side hoover up trophies or promotions throughout the game.

But FM22 is a different beast, and you’ll need to be more in tune with exactly what your team needs when it comes to the tactical setup.

As always, take a look at the players that you have and tailor a system to them, rather than attempting to shoehorn them into a specific tactic.

Also, be wary of the opposition, and be ready to make changes depending on who you’re playing; coming up against Norwich in the Premier League is very different to playing Manchester City!

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But with that in mind, we’ve had a look at five of the best tactics you can use in Football Manager 2022.

The Best Tactics in Football Manager 2022

5-2-3 – Vertical tiki-taka

5-2-3 FM22 Formation

Having five at the back is a big boost for you defensively and this will almost certainly work well for a big side.

You’ll absolutely need players who can get on the ball and keep it, rotating it if they aren’t able to find a way through the opposition defence.

You can have wide centre-backs – one of the new features this year – providing support to the midfield, meaning it morphs into something resembling a 4-3-3 in possession.

In midfield, you need at least one defensive minded player, and we’d also recommend having a deep-lying playmaker who can move the ball forward.

You also need a striker who can score repeatedly – this formation would work particularly well for a team like Tottenham, with Harry Kane at the tip of the spear.

4-2-3-1 – Gegenpress

Yeah, we had to put this one in here.

If you played FM21, you’ll know just how good this 4-2-3-1 is; on the ball, players spring forward much like Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool; off the ball, players absolutely smother the opposition, much like Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool!

Still, you’ll need players with high aggression, high stamina, and the ability to keep going until the final whistle.

A team like Borussia Dortmund or Liverpool would naturally thrive in this formation, while you can also potentially utilise it for a club like Aston Villa, with plenty of youngsters who have full batteries!

4-4-2 – Direct counter-attack

This is for a team further down the league pyramid, really.

If you’re aiming to avoid relegation, this one is probably the one for you.

You can set up with two banks of four, make sure that your team is cautious, disciplined, and that they look to move the ball vertically quickly. That’s a kind way of saying lump it up to the big man.

Provided you’ve got two strikers who have physicality and the ability to win the ball in the air, coupled with two quick wingers who can cross, you’re looking at a potent mix.

You need two solid midfielders too, who can win the ball back and move it out wide.

Width is key.

3-3-2-2 – Clean slate

3-3-2-2 FM22

This one is a bit of a Frankenstein tactic but, trust us, it works.

Set up with three centre-backs. You’ll want at least one being the wide centre-back but you could genuinely have both of the outside centre-backs in that role.

Then you’ve got two wing-backs, on the same line as the defensive midfielder, meaning you’ve got two banks of three.

Then whack two midfielders in, preferably two who can get up and down the pitch and impact the game in the final third. You’ll want them to have high stamina, high aggression and high technical skill, we’re talking about passing ability.

Finally, put two strikers up top.

The amazing thing with this tactic is you’re almost guaranteed to outnumber the opposition when they’ve got the ball, and you’ll also want to move the ball quickly when you’ve got it.

In terms of tactics, you’ll want something approaching the gegenpress, with quick transitions, quick pressing, an extremely high tempo and you’ll want to force the opposition inside.

In attack, pass the ball short, play it out from the back, overlap on both sides, make sure that your team is disciplined, and when you lose the ball, ensure you suffocate the opposition, with a very high line of engagement and also trying to stop the goalkeeper’s quick distribution.

Total flexibility

There’s always the option of heading into the team you’re managing and building a new Frankenstein tactic all of your own making.

The presets are obviously there for you to use if you wish, but there’s no need to do that if you don’t want to.

You can head into each tactics screen – in possession, in transition, and out of possession – and tinker to your heart’s content.

Do whatever you want and see if it works but be warned… if it doesn’t, it’s totally on you!

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