Liverpool's Loris Karius is responsible for the worst goal kick in Premier League history

Loris Karius

Believe it or not, Loris Karius is still a Liverpool player.

Just uttering the German goalkeeper’s name is enough to make a Liverpool fan shudder.

They will immediately cast their minds back to Kyiv and the 2018 Champions League final where two horrifying errors resulted in Jurgen Klopp’s side losing 3-1 to Real Madrid.



But the warning signs were there for all to see before the Champions League final.

In his debut season in 2016/17, Karius started as the club’s No.1. But by December, he had been dropped for Simon Mignolet.

The turning point was Liverpool’s 4-3 defeat to Bournemouth, where Karius was at fault for at least two of the goals during the incredible comeback.

But we want to revisit the match in the previous week as Liverpool beat Sunderland 2-0 at Anfield.

A clean sheet. A good afternoon for Karius, then?

Well yes, apart from the fact he took arguably the worst goal kick in Premier League history.

Karius attempted to take a short kick to defender Joel Matip when he completely sliced it. It ended up going out for a corner to Sunderland.

If that wasn’t funny enough, Matip was then captured given him an incredible look as he walked back to defend the corner.

VIDEO: Loris Karius’ terrible goal kick vs Sunderland

Klopp should have known then that Karius wasn’t good enough for Liverpool.

Things went from bad to worse for Karius the following week during that nightmare match against Bournemouth.

And in a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville admitted he went ‘too far’ with his criticism following that game.

On Monday Night Football following the match, he said: “It’s tough to win the league without a good goalkeeper… he’s not good enough that goalkeeper. 

“He looks nervous and he isn’t good enough.”

Loris Karius

But he now admits he shouldn’t have criticised Karius like that.

“I think I have overstepped the mark once in punditry when I have attacked a player that was above and beyond what I should have done as an ex-pro, a coach and an owner,” Neville said.

“I think I am a respectable human being. I thought I went too far on Karius. I said Liverpool would never win the league with him.

“He criticised me after and so did Jurgen Klopp. No problem.

“I look back now and think I criticised the lad too much for his age, his position.

“I actually think I was right. They signed Alisson and [Virgil] van Dijk and won it [the Premier League]. But that doesn’t mean I should have done it.”

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