AEW Rampage results: TBS Championship on the verge of becoming “That B**** Show” as Jade Cargill advances to semi-finals.


Friday’s Rampage saw a title quarter-final bout between Jade Cargill and Red velvet. Also, was there a dispute in an undisputed reunion.

Rampage was headlined by a highly anticipated tag team match between the Jurassic express and the reunion of old allies Adam Cole and Bobby Fish. As well as a David vs Goliath bout between Darby Allin and wrestling veteran Billy Gunn.

Darby Allin def Billy Gunn-
The definition of an underdog story. For most of the match, Billy Gunn dominated, with some extremely brutal spots. Darby was rag-dolled in and outside of the ring. At one point Darby tries to gain momentum drop kicking Billy off the apron. However, the ring experience of Billy Gunn out smartened Darby as he side-steps a blistering attempted suicide dive causing Darby to crash brutally into the barricade. Some very interesting storytelling throughout as Billy dominates. There are multiple moments where he and Sting stare each other down, to the delight of the crowd. Billy begs Sting to throw in the towel as he takes his time beating down and decimating Darby. Darby turns the tables of the match by biting the head of Gunn and then proceeding to hit a coffin drop on the outside to the Gunn Club. Billy capitalises on the distracted Darby and regains momentum. He then sets Darby up in the corner. In a moment of disrespect, he taunts Sting and attempts the Stinger Splash on Darby but it doesn't connect. Darby then sees his opportunity and hits a beautiful stunner followed up by Code Red and a pinpoint Coffin Drop. To the surprise of the crowd, Billy kicks out of Darby’s Coffin Drop before the count of one. Darby quickly carries on the momentum hitting a second coffin drop on Gunn and getting the three count to pick up an impressive victory over a strong Billy Gunn.

Post-match we see the Gunn Club attack Sting and Darby but Sting gains momentum until a brutal cheap shot from Billy Gunn. The Gunn club stands tall over a fallen Sting and Darby, looking strong even though they didn’t win the match.


QT Marshall promo-
After a small vignette displaying a replay of the MJF and CM Punk encounter on Wednesday’s Dynamite, the camera cuts to Tony Schiavone backstage with QT Marshall.
QT goes on to call out CM Punk on a special thanksgiving Dynamite next Wednesday, in none other than CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago. He follows up by calling out CM Punks' tendency to walk away from everything quoting that Punk should show up unless he is “worried I am going to embarrass you and put you to sleep”. Strong words from QT Marshall towards CM Punk.

Men Of The Year Promo-
Starts off with a video package of the inner circle discussing their victory over American Top Team at Full Gear, and how they are willing to have another rematch if the Men Of The Year and American Top Team wants it.
The camera then transitions to Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky backstage sarcastically congratulating the Inner Circle on their victory. However, the Men of The Year made it clear that the rivalry is far from over and that it is not the last people and the Inner Circle have seen of America's Top Team.

TBS Championship tournament semi-finals, Jade Cargill def Red Velvet.
A wonderful display of professional wrestling. Jade Cargill was going into the bout undefeated, with an unprecedented record of 18 wins and 0 losses, winning the previous 10 out of her 12 matches in two minutes or less. However, Red Velvet was determined to put a notch in the loss column of Cargill. 


Red Velvet came flying at the gate coming at Jade with full force, scouting her very well and re-reversing any hard grapples or hits that Cargill threw at her. Velvet proceeds to hit a staggering spinning-heel after Jade misses a vicious stomp attempt. However, momentum shifted as Cargill catches an attempted cross body from Velvet and executes a brutal, modified fall-away slam in which Jericho referred to on commentary as a “stand-away slam”. The match proceeds with Jade dominating and Velvet trying to survive the onslaught taking place. A boot to the face reversal in the corner gives Velvet a brief gain of momentum followed up with a wicked double knee strike to the back of the head of Cargill.

However, even after Jade hits a crunching Pump Kick, Velvet manages to return the favour with a crushing spear. Cargill proceeds to kick out and as Velvet sets up the Final Slice she reverses and hits a slick fast-paced Jaded followed by the 1,2,3. Not only booking her place into the semi-finals but also remaining undefeated with a record of 19 wins and 0 losses.
Jade Cargill is ready to make the TBS title “That B**** Show”.


Thunder Rosa Promo-
Rosa proceeds to discuss her quarter-final bout with Jamie Hayter in the TBS Championship tournament, confirming that the bout will take place next Wednesday on Dynamite. Following up by stating how she will beat Hayter and become one step closer to winning and becoming the inaugural TBS Women’s Champion.

CM Punk Promo-
Vignettes of the upcoming matches for Next Week AEW Dynamite. Featuring the 8 man tag team match between Death Triangle and Cody versus the team of FTR, Malakai Black, and Andrade El Idolo. This was followed up with the confirmation of CM Punk versus QT Marshall live from CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago on a special Thanksgiving edition of Dynamite. As well as Bryan Danielson going one on one with Chicago’s own Colt Cabana.

CM Punk then goes to address QT Marshall about his challenge and the comments stated towards Punk. Punk goes on to discuss the moments that he has had in professional wrestling when wrestling in Chicago and how he has had more highs than lows.


Next Week Rampage match announcement and the return of Winter is coming-
The advertisement showcased that Daniel Garcia would be going one on one with Eddie Kingston on a special Black Friday edition of Rampage.

Also, AEW confirmed that Wednesday 15th December Garland Texas will be home to the return of Winter Is Coming.


Jurassic Express def Adam Cole and Bobby Fish-
The main event saw a very undisputed reunion between old friends Adam Cole and Bobby Fish take on a very in-form Jurassic express after their victory over The Elite at Full Gear.

The match was fast-paced and hard-hitting mixed with a very strong display of tag team wrestling. With Fish and Cole showcasing their chemistry as a unit, dominating Jungle Boy for the opening part of the bout, keeping him at bay executing brutal strikes, and keeping him as far away from tagging in Luchasaurus as possible. To the top of the crowd, Jungle boy reverses Cole's pump kick and makes an emphatic tag to his partner.


Luchasaurus bursts out the gate with full momentum executing a series of clotheslines to both his opponents and levelling Cole with a brutal kick to the head. Setting up Fish and Cole in opposite corners and executing multiple running diving back elbows. Luchasaurus sets up for a double chokeslam attempt which is reversed by Fish who hits a sickening round kick to the knee followed by a pump kick from Cole, stunning their opponent. Cole and Fish attempt the double team which is mistimed and avoided by Luchasaurus who makes a desperate tag to Jungle Boy. They hit a beautiful double-team manoeuvre on Fish followed up with a double-teamed, elevated assisted cutter on Cole.

As Cole and Fish look in trouble the Young Bucks make their presence known, playing mind games with the Jurassic Express by taunting them as they slowly make their way down the ramp. However, before they could make the playing field uneven, stability is maintained as Christian Cage emerges with a steel chair in hand proceeding to chase the Bucks and Cole up the ramp. Leaving Fish all alone with the Jurassic Express, allowing Jungle Boy to take advantage and lock in the Snare Trap. All alone Fish has no choice but to tap out giving the Express a huge victory over one of the biggest tag teams in the world thanks to the assist from Christian Cage.


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