WWE: Bron Breakker the 256 lb “Genetic Freak” that could be WWE’s Next Big Thing.


The face of NXT 2.0. Bron Breakker’s rise to the main event picture. Is he the WWE’s “Next Big Thing?”. 

Breakker is a second-generation professional wrestler and son of eight-time WCW World Tag Team Champion Rich Steiner and is the nephew to the legendary Scott Steiner. Breakker has only been in WWE for just over two months and has already been featured in spots and match cards that would take many wrestlers years to be featured on. 

His character seems to be a hybrid between Rich and Scott Steiner. His appearance from facial hair to ring attire is very nostalgic to his father Rich and the colours of this attire are representative of the colors of NXT 2.0. On the other hand, his gritty nature and intensity on the microphone is a spitting image of Scott Steiner, while also incorporating an element of Scott Steiner’s character by referring to himself as a “256lb genetic freak”.

In his debut match with LA Knight, he was extremely impressive and showed tenacity and embodied “ruthless aggression” throughout the bout, which saw him pin LA Knight clean in the middle of the ring with a brutal Military-Press Powerslam. 

In the same night Breakker, on his debut, elevated straight to the NXT World Championship scene by confronting Tommaso Ciampa straight after Ciampa won the NXT Title. This led to a month-long feud where Breakker was consistently in the main event picture leading up to a World Title match that took place at the upcoming PPV, Halloween Havoc. 


Breakker fell short in this match. However, he looked incredibly strong taking every hard-hitting shot and maneuver within Tommaso Ciampa’s playbook.

However, even though he lost the match, Breakker has evidently impressed backstage personnel and was recently included in WWE’s UK tour which saw him in bouts against Tommaso Ciampa and NXT original Sami Zayn, where they put on hard-hitting displays that required Ciampa and Zayn to team up for a period of the match in order to keep him down, showcasing just how strong he is being put over. 

It’s evident that Breakker is a major pillar of NXT 2.0, and it is clear that his momentum isn’t slowing down anytime soon. His meteoric rise is certainly unlike no other that we have seen in a while in the WWE. But will his highly anticipated rise to the top be the fairytale ending to Tomasso Ciampa’s second NXT Championship reign? 

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