AEW: Will Ospreay discusses potentially stepping through the "forbidden door".


Will Ospreay recently discussed the "forbidden door" concept and the chances of him stepping through and potentially being "All Elite". 

Will Ospreay is one of the most talked-about professional wrestlers in the professional wrestling world right now and currently holds the RevPro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship as well as holding the IWGP World Heavyweight Title. Even though the records say he isn't champion and that Shingo Takagi is, Ospreay still considers himself the true champion as he never lost the title. Ospreay over the past year has been unstoppable alongside his United Empire allies and is one of the most must-see high flying athletes in the wrestling world. 

In a recent online meet and greet hosted by NJPW on the 16th November 2021, Ospreay was asked about AEW and the forbidden door. 


Ospreay stated: "I'm always open to it and it does interest me" 

However, Ospreay noted that he will only do what New Japan plan for him, therefore as of now there are no plans for Ospreay to barge through the forbidden door but he did continue to discuss who he would be most interested in facing if the concept became a reality. 

He added: "I would love to face Kenny", "There is nothing in the works but if given the opportunity i would sink my teeth into it".

Kenny Omega vs Will Ospreay would be a dream match for the wrestling world and would be one of the hardest-hitting, fast-paced bouts the wrestling world will lay its eyes on. However, if this ever became a reality Ospreay believes that it would be "poetic" if that bout took place in NJPW where both Omega and Ospreay made names for themselves within the wrestling industry. 


Ospreay has an interest in walking through the "forbidden door" but it is a matter of timing as in his own words he claimed that the door is "only open to 50-year-old blokes".The right angle could change this as the forbidden door is so unpredictable especially with the introduction of 6 time and current NEVER Openweight Champion Tomohiro Ishii aligning with fellow chaos members Best Friends and also an appearance a while ago of Bullet Club and IWGP United States Champion Kenta. 

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