Lewis Hamilton: F1 star praised by Chelsea's Pernille Harder for rainbow helmet

Chelsea striker Pernille Harder was full of praise for F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, who is wearing a rainbow-coloured helmet during the Qatar Grand Prix

Chelsea striker Pernille Harder was full of praise for F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, who is wearing a rainbow-coloured helmet during the Qatar Grand Prix.

The seven-time F1 world champion has worn the helmet during yesterday’s practice session and today’s qualifying event.

It bears the colours of the Progress Pride flag, which includes the traditional rainbow design, but also features additional chevrons and stripes to recognise the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.

After the practice session, Hamilton posted a photo of his helmet with the caption: "We stand together."

The 36-year-old has previously been vocal about human rights issues around the world, calling Qatar the "one of the worst [countries] in this part of the world" when it comes to discriminatory laws against women and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Harder, an openly LGBTQ+ footballer in a relationship with Chelsea teammate Magda Eriksson, praised Hamilton for his actions.

"Amazing to see someone like Lewis Hamilton yet again taking a public stand for what he believes in to support the LGBTQ+ community, while standing up for basic human rights and promote inclusivity in a place like Qatar," she wrote on Twitter.

Eriksson also shared the photo of Hamilton’s helmet with the caption: "Respect".

Hamilton, who confirmed he would wear the helmet again at the Saudi Arabian GP in December, will start in pole position during tomorrow’s race in Qatar.

He was in control throughout qualifying, securing a four-and-a-half tenths of a second advantage over his rival Max Verstappen.

Hamilton has not just starred on the track this season, also calling on his fellow F1 drivers to speak out on the human rights issues present in countries such as Qatar.

Sebastian Vettel was prompted to wear a T-shirt in support of the LGBTQ+ community at the Hungarian Grand Prix earlier in the season.

Richard Morris, a British racing driver and co-founder of Racing Pride, told the PA news agency that these gestures fill him with "hope".

Sebastian Vettel has also shown support for the LGBTQ+ community

"It is an incredible act of allyship from Lewis to show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community in the context of Formula One visiting a region in which LGBTQ+ people face discrimination and challenges to their human rights.

"It is a demonstration of the capacity the sport has to use its platform positively to promote values of inclusion around the world.

"When I was growing up and getting into motorsport there weren't any LGBTQ+ out drivers for me to look up to, and nobody in the sport was discussing or showing support for LGBTQ+ inclusion.

"So it fills me with hope that we are now seeing drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel be active champions for inclusion.

"There's a lot more work to be done in the sport, but we are starting to move in the right direction."

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