Roy Keane: Micah Richards joking about Man Utd icon replacing Solskjaer was TV gold

  • Kobe Tong

Manchester United appear to be in the hunt for an interim manager in the wake of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s sacking on Sunday. 

As much as the Red Devils would love to be able to snap up a world-class coach halfway through the season, it looks more likely that the club will have to park their long-term plans until the summer.

Besides, reported targets such as Brendan Rodgers, Mauricio Pochettino, Luis Enrique and Erik ten Hag are already under contact with Leicester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Spain and Ajax.

Man Utd looking for interim boss

Naturally, there are a few out-of-work options like Zinedine Zidane, but that doesn’t necessarily make them any more keen to take on such a monumental challenge in the middle of the season.

In other words, Ed Woodward and co seem more likely to hedge their bets on a short-term appointment that would ease the transition between Solskjaer’s reign and a change in the summer.

That could easily come in the form of Michal Carrick a la Solskjaer’s original position at Old Trafford or in the shape of an ex-United player such as Laurent Blanc and Steve Bruce.


Roy Keane to Man Utd…???

However, one person that we’d all love to see stepping into the technical area for the remainder of the 2021/22 season would be none other than Roy Keane.

Now, joke as you might, it’s not a completely impossible prospect when you consider that Keane has coaching experience with Sunderland, Ipswich Town, Ireland, Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest.

But the gargantuan cross by his name would come with the fact that Keane has spent great swathes of the last few weeks and months tearing into United players for their recent performances.

As such, it’s pretty hard to imagine a world in which Keane would be airdropped into a United dressing room that is almost entirely populated with players that he’s ripped to shreds on television.


Richards joking about Keane taking over

But that doesn’t make it any less fun to imagine, does it? So, when the conversation came up during Sky Sports’ ‘Super Sunday’ programme, you just knew that there was going to be entertainment.

Micah Richards, who often goes viral for his hilarious friendship with Keane, led the charge by cracking jokes when he was asked both seriously and light-heartedly about his mate taking the job.

From declaring: “Give it Keane until the end of the season,” between laughs to genuinely imagining a world in which Keane held the reins at United, it made for a brilliant minute or so of conversation.

So, fresh with the amazing picture of Keane being announced as United’s interim manager in your head, be sure to check out Richards genuinely breaking down the crazy prospect right here:

“He has slagged off half of the dressing room.” Brilliant.

What on earth would actually happen?!

It’s fair to say that in a wild and wacky parallel universe where Keane was called up that there would be more than a few protestations from the United players, namely from the club captain himself.

It doesn’t bear thinking about how Harry Maguire would feel comfortable taking orders from someone who lambasted him for celebrating with his ears cupped against Albania.


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And that’s not to mention the likes of David de Gea, Fred, Luke Shaw and Eric Bailly having to cross paths with a footballing juggernaut who has come out swinging for them on TV recently.

For our entertainment, give it Keane until the end of the season. For the harmony of the dressing room, don’t bother.



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