Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen: How can Red Bull man win title in Saudi Arabia?


This year’s Formula One season has been one of the most impressive, interesting and intriguing there has been for quite some time.

Red Bull and Mercedes’ fight for the Constructors’ Championship, as well as the individual battle for the Drivers’ Championship between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, has been as competitive as ever.

The Brit is currently seeking his eighth world title, while Max is attempting to put Red Bull back on top, something they’ve been fighting for for many years.

Although Hamilton has won the previous two races, Verstappen is still sat at the top with an eight-point lead, and could well win the championship at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix that takes place on December 5.

Having said that it’s possible, it’s also highly unlikely, but still, it is mathematically doable, and here’s how!

How Can Verstappen Win The Title in Saudi Arabia?

It would take Verstappen topping the grid and Hamilton finishing seventh or lower to make this possible. The fastest lap for the Dutchman would also improve his chances of taking home the title at the next race as it would mean his rival would need to finish at least sixth.

Although, this isn’t the only way for the Red Bull man to claim his maiden title.



If he finishes second with the fastest lap, Hamilton would need to end the race in 10th or below, but without any fastest lap for Verstappen, the Brit would need to blank entirely.

Essentially, for Verstappen to be crowned champion before the season finale in Abu Dhabi, he would need to be 26 points ahead of Hamilton.

Should the championship somehow end in a draw, the number of wins will be used to decide who takes home the championship. However, in any scenario where that happens, Verstappen would be crowned the champion.

Got it? Understand it? Good! Bring on Saudi Arabia!

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