Football Manager 2022: How to Score From Corners (Exploit Guide)

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Football Manager 2022 has been out for some time now on PC, Mobile and Xbox and players are already discovering the best ways to score goals - including corners.

One such way seems to be the use of near post corners, which appear to be hugely overpowered in this year’s game!

Various gamers have posted pictures on Twitter showing just how exceptional the corners can be in terms of giving your team the edge in games up and down the leagues.

If you don’t mind using something of an exploit, it seems that you can just hoover up goals if you have the right corner routine set up.

One Twitter user by the name of Nathan Coker posted a screenshot of Virgil van Dijk winning the Ballon d’Or – known as the World Golden Ball in the game – after scoring 41 goals in 57 games, with the vast majority coming from near-post corners.

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So, how do you do them? Let’s take a look!

How to exploit near-post corners on FM22

So the first thing to say here is you will likely have to head into training and make sure that you train your team in set-pieces.

That’s easy to do if you’re managing a top club in the Premier League, but more difficult if you’re in non-league, for example.

Still, make sure that you have a player with the attributes required to whip in a mean corner.

Corners are an attribute on FM22, and Southampton captain James Ward-Prowse is one such example of an excellent dead-ball deliverer – he has 20 for corners, as well as 18 for crossing, 20 for free-kicks and 16 for vision.

1. If you can find a player with good corner stats, set him as your corner taker.
2. Then head into the corner kick screen in set-pieces.
3. Find yourself a player who can get to the near post and win the ball every single time. Van Dijk, as an example, has 18 for heading, 18 for anticipation, 17 for strength, jumping reach, and positioning.
4. Whack that player on the near post.
5. Then set the deliveries, from both sides, to ‘near post’, so your corner taker is always aiming for the big man on the post.
6. Ensure that you don't overcommit your attackers too; leave some players back to defend any possible counter if you don't score!

It’s that easy. Now sit back, and wait for your team to start scoring for fun from corners!

Yes, okay, you could argue that this is cheating.

But discovering and using an exploit is merely taking advantage of a mechanic within the game and why wouldn’t you do it?

It could be the difference between winning the title and finishing top four, or the difference between staying up and going down.

Take our advice - get the big man on the near post, and start whipping those corners in!

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