FIFA 23: Release date, soundtrack, pre-order, Pro Clubs, Volta, Career Mode, cover and everything we know so far

Chelsea's Sam Kerr on the FIFA 23 cover.

There has been a lot of discussion around FIFA 23 and we have all the latest news and information you need to know ahead of its release.

The football gaming franchise has been a huge success for decades; but now it appears that this will be the last ever ‘FIFA’ after EA ended their lucrative brand deal with FIFA not so long ago.

Now they look forward to a new era of football games, with ‘EA Sports FC’ set to be the new brand name going forward, however we will be receiving FIFA 23 as the last game in the FIFA franchise.

The gaming community are enjoying FIFA 22 at the moment, but as always, players are looking for the next release.

There are a lot of questions for those wondering about FIFA 23, and with the name also an issue, there will be even more questions than before.

Here is everything you need to know about FIFA 23:

Latest News

Update 30th September: Crystal Palace has posted footage showing some of the squad reactions as they were shown their current FIFA 23 gameplay faces.

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Credit: EA Sports

UPDATE 29th September: FIFA 23 may only be a few days old but players appear to be already having issues with the Web App. GMS has its superhero cape at the ready and swings into action to assist with your needs!

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Update 27th September: Here’s how to complete a number of SBCs in FIFA 23!

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Update 27th September 2022: There’s a new mechanic in the game where you can now trivela cross, here’s how to perform it.

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Update 26th September 2022: When can you start playing FIFA 23 in early access?

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Update 26th September 2022: Want to know which stadiums are in FIFA 23?

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Update 26th September 2022: Everything we know so far about FIFA 23’s World Cup mode!

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Update 26th September 2022: Looking to get a nice badge for your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team? Look no further!

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Update 23rd September 2022: Thinking of getting FIFA 23’s Platinum Trophy? Here’s how!

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Update 23rd September 2022: AFC Richmond’s player ratings have been revealed ahead of the Ted Lasso-inspired FIFA 23 crossover!

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Update 22nd September 2022: EA Sports have confirmed that they have made changes to FIFA Points in FIFA 23!

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Update 22nd September 2022: Wondering how to get your FIFA 22 FIFA Points onto the new title? Look no further.

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Update 21st September 2022: Ted Lasso is in the game!

Update 15th September 2022: FIFA 23 being released means a whole new year of the Ultimate Team and we have created a calendar with our predicted dates for each promo.

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UPDATE 14th September 2022: Cristiano Ronaldo is always undeniably one of the greatest players on the game – but what are his stats like in the new game?

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Release Date

FIFA 23 will release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC Windows (Origin and Steam) and Google Stadia platforms, whilst a Legacy Edition is exclusively for Nintendo.

We now have confirmed release dates for FIFA 23! Check them out below.

  • FIFA 23 Standard Edition: Friday 30th September 2022
  • FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition: Wednesday 27th September 2022.

You can pre-order the game right here. Make sure you pre-order the version that works for you.

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FIFA 23 Soundtrack

The FIFA 23 Official Soundtrack has been revealed! See the full list of songs via the article below.

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Pro Clubs and Volta Football

EA revealed brand new information around game modes Pro Clubs and Volta. They also released a trailer. Down below is all the important information they revealed as well as the trailer. All this information has been gathered from EA Sports FIFA:


  • FIFA 23 brings more customisation than ever before for your virtual player across Pro Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL. Shared customisation options create more diversity to the pitch and the street, with tattoos coming to Pro Clubs for the first time and more hairstyles and accessories to choose from to make your avatar stand out on the pitch or on the street. Plus, enjoy new content and apparel each Season to keep your player looking fresh from match to match.

Pro Clubs

  • Drop In Clubs: Post-match accolades celebrate your achievements on the pitch, along with rotating kits and stadiums that keep Drop In fresh from game to game, 100 levels of re-tuned Pro Clubs progression, and new big goal moments that let your squad celebrate a late winner on the pitch as you do in the party chat.
  • New Perks: Define your playing style further with four new perks that you can use during the match to drive your team forward.
  • Skill Games: Take your pro’s development further with Skill Games, a new place for you to compete against your teammates and progress your player’s stats.

VOLTA Football

  • VOLTA Arcades: New and upgraded games bring improved crowd audio, new props, bigger stadiums, dynamically coloured balls, under foot timer, and new sound effects to dial up the entertainment in the VOLTA ARCADE.
  • Gameplay: Reworked VOLTA gameplay brings a raft of improvements to street football that dial up the flair and variety from match to match. Play on new XL pitches with bigger nets and more time on the ball, enjoy improved and polished signature abilities, and unleash your flair with new skill moves like the ball roll cut and heel fake, along with a reworked skill meter that rewards team play and more responsive dribbling.

Gameplay Changes

HyperMotion 2 + Matchday Experience*

  • Pro Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL get all the benefits from the Gameplay and Matchday Experience teams’ hard work. If you want to get into the depths of everything that entails check out the deep dive [link], but a few of my favorite improvements coming to Clubs are the new AR Replay System, which turns a great goal with your friends into an unforgettable moment.
  • Secondly, the pitch: it just looks amazing and I’m still blown away by the quality the team was able to achieve. If you’re going to spend time on the pitch with your friends, this is by far the best looking and feeling one i’ve ever seen.

*HyperMotion2, AR Replays, and Hyper-Realistic Pitch only available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia. 


Four new Player-based Perks have been added to FIFA 23 allowing you to further refine your play style.

Here are the four new Perks and what they do:

Attacking Perks

  • Poacher – Increases your all-round finishing (including boosts to Volleys, Finishing, and Heading Accuracy) when inside the box.

Chance Creation Perks

  • Light Passes – Increases your teammates’ ability to trap and control your passes.

Defensive Perks

  • Interceptor – Improves your ability to intercept & disrupt your opposition’s passes & shots when defending and in close proximity to the ball.
  • Chase Down – Increases your pace when defending immediately following a loss of possession. The perk will deactivate after 40 in-game seconds if you have not regained possession.


In a bid to make Drop-Ins a faster paced and more engaging experience, Pro Clubs Drop-In has undergone some changes for FIFA 23. 

Most noticeably, Half Length has been reduced to four minutes and matches will proceed to Golden Goal extra time in the event of a draw at the conclusion of 90 mins. Matches will not proceed to penalties at the end of two periods of Golden Goal and instead, the match will end as a draw. 

To freshen up the match experience, Drop-In games will now be played in a variety of stadiums, and the teams will wear kits from a selection of new Drop-In designs. These kits and stadiums will rotate to make sure the environment you play in never gets old.

Post-Match Accolades

New post-match Accolades recognise the top five performers, assigning them for topping statistical categories such as most tackles, furthest distance run, and more to celebrate players for their all-round performance.

New features

Firstly a new free-kick system has been revealed in the trailer! It appears we now have more control over free-kicks than we ever have before. Find out all the info below.

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A new bit of tech has been developed by EA for the new game, in the form of HyperMotion2 – more on this below.

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We also have an entirely new ‘Matchday Experience’, making this the most immersive FIFA yet! Again, more on this below.

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If you want a full list of all the new gameplay features – we’ve got you covered.

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Who will feature on the cover?

Credit: EA Sports FIFA

Captioned as ‘two phenomenal forces up front’, EA announced via their official Twitter account that Kylian Mbappe would be partnered with Chelsea Women striker and Australia international Sam Kerr, the first time in the game’s history that a female footballer will feature on the cover of one of their games.

This is only for the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23, with more covers likely to be unveiled in the near future.

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Career Mode

A deep dive Career Mode gameplay trailer has been released, which you can view right here.

With this – new features were unveiled, including new ‘Playable Highlights’ which you can find out more about below.

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GiveMeSport has picked five amazing wonder kids that you should sign on Career Mode.

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Closed Beta

UPDATE 14th July 2022: Want information on how to have the best chances to receive an invitation to the FIFA 23 Closed Beta? We’ve got you covered.

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Icon News

Icons are a massive part of FIFA Ultimate Team now, with the cards being some of the best items obtainable in the game.

EA like to release a new batch every year and when they confirmed these players, we will reveal all right here.

Will FIFA 23 be Free to Play?

FIFA 23 is NOT free to play – despite some speculation suggesting otherwise. This was confirmed by EA following the trailer release on the 20th of July 2022.

Will FIFA 23 have Crossplay?

EA has confirmed that cross-play has now come to FIFA 22 ahead of the full implementation of the format for FIFA 23!

Play together against friends on different platforms as FIFA 23 introduces cross-play for players on the same platform generation. Connect with friends and play in 1v1 modes, including Online Friendlies, and in FIFA Ultimate TeamTM in FUT Play A Friend.

Plus, compete against players on different platforms in Online Seasons, FUT Online Friendlies, FUT Rivals, FUT Champions, and FUT Online Draft to help you to get into your next online match more easily than ever before.

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Web App

The Web App is a way for Ultimate Team players to trade, buy and sell players on the market whilst on the go as it works on the PC and mobile phones.

This typically releases a few days before the game comes out, but if there are any huge changes, we will update you with all the information right here.


You can view the trailer for the new instalment of FIFA right here!

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