Football s***housery: Duke player baits UCLA opponent into being sent off with celebration


There’s a reason football is called the beautiful game.

Be it a piece of sublime skill, a pass that defies logic, a superbly nuanced bit of defence or a goal that sends a stadium of 80,000 people into meltdown, the game is nothing short of an art form.

However, within that game, there are a number of ‘sub-arts’ – so to say – that add just a bit of extra bite to the sport we know and love.

While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the so called ‘dark arts’ are becoming more and more prevalent in the modern game.

From professional fouls to time wasting, most modern footballers can admit they have dabbled in the dark arts.

However, one particular player in the American college league saturated himself so deeply that he somehow found a way to get his opponent sent straight off.


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Firstly, some background:

The clash, between Duke and UCLA became a bit of a one sided affair when UCLA had a player sent off in the 34th minute.

Duke bombed forward, peppering the UCLA goal in search of an equaliser.

Naturally, the UCLA goalkeeper did everything he could to manage the game whenever given an opportunity, taking an age over goal kicks and and when distributing from the back.

Unfortunately, his stubborn resistance would crumble at the end with Duke smashing and grabbing two goals in 40 seconds in the dying minutes of the game.

In a clip that ha since gone viral, the Duke number seven can be seen going out of his way to mimic the ‘keeper, which did not go down well with the UCLA playing staff.

One, in particular, did not take too kindly to the actions, shoving the Duke star with substantial force.

Naturally, the s***housing number seven saw his chance and dramatically crashed to the ground before whipping out some superb Neymar rolls.

The angered UCLA star was unsurprisingly shown his marching orders with Duke going on to win the clash.

Ultimately, this is not a side of football we love, but it’s part and parcel of the game and, if you’re going to let your emotions get the better of you in this way, then you simply can’t complain.

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