WWE Raw: Fans get excited as Natalya, Tamina and Doudrop form shock new faction

Tamina, Doudrop and Natalya

WWE threw a curveball into the mix on last night’s episode of Raw by introducing a potential new faction to the brand.

After winning the 5-on-5 Women’s Elimination match at Survivor Series on Sunday, Bianca Belair took to the ring to celebrate her victory.

The Sole Survivor did some mic work before Tamina walked out, accompanied by Natalya, for their Monday night match.

Belair did some showboating for the crowd with some flips and silky manoeuvres to evade Tamina’s attacks. The two women certainly laid into each other, but in the end, The EST of WWE showed exactly where her nickname came from with a perfect showcase of her speed and strength.

Belair hoisted Tamina onto her shoulders before delivering the K.O.D to win the match while Natalya looked on, stunned.

However, the EST’s celebrations were short lived. A furious Natalya burst inside the ring to get revenge for her tag team partner, shortly followed by Doudrop.

Belair dispatched Natalya but was hit with a seated crossbody courtesy of the Scot, who recently called out and attacked the former SmackDown champion.

Belair was left inside the ring as Doudrop walked off arm in arm with Natalya and Tamina. Whether this is set to become WWE’s latest faction or it was just for show last night, fans are excited about the prospect of these three women working together.

Doudrop heavily alluded to a switch in her character earlier this month, claiming “nice girls finish last” before removing her trademark flower from her hair and throwing it to the ground.

Doudrop Bianca Belair

Since then, the former NXT star has been more aggressive in her appearances and is quickly establishing herself as a heel on Monday Night Raw. Now, it appears she is forming an allegiance with two of the company’s most recognised heels in Natalya and Tamina. 

Fans are already on board with the idea and can’t wait to see what the three will bring to the table.

This is just the first we are seeing of Doudrop as a heel on Raw. An allegiance with the iconic former tag team champions could be what really unearths the villain inside her.

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