Eddie Hall: 'Average guy' attempts to eat & train like Strongman for 24 hours

  • Tom Grant

Former World’s Strongest Man Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall has given an insight into what it is like to live a day in his shoes while he trains.

Hall invited LadBIBLE‘s Jake Massey to spend the day with him as he trains for a much-anticipated boxing match with Game of Thrones star and fellow strongman Hafthor Bjornsson, aka Thor.

Hall admits it consists of three training sessions a day alongside a lot of food, vitamins and protein shakes.

They kick-off with a mile-and-a-half run with a 15kg weighted vest on, only stopping to pick up after Hall’s dog Wolf left a bit of doggy business behind during the 12 minutes, 45-second jaunt.

Then it is time for breakfast consisting of 800 calories, which The Beast eats with a UV light to improve his mood and his libido.

Next up is a trip to the local swimming pool where Hall takes Jake through his routine of six rounds of three-minute swims.

After the swims, Jake has to replicate Hall’s pool leg exercises, designed to replicate the moves needed to compete in the ring.

Hall explains he uses the jacuzzi for stretching off after swimming. He says: “I always get tight calves after the morning run, so I’m going to stretch my calves, stretch my hamstrings, stretch my glutes and then we’re back for lunch.”

Lunch is chicken tacos, vitamins and a protein shake, meaning the pair hit 2,500 calories each for the day.

It is time for a nap before the evening’s boxing training and Hall takes this in a hyperbaric chamber.

Hall takes the lead at the boxing, allowing Jake to hit him with head punches and giving him the freedom to smash his abs.



They finish off the day with more jacuzzi stretching and, much to Jake’s angst, some cold water recovery to help muscle recovery.

It is a long day for both journalist and Strongman alike and capped off with a late-night takeaway, though, Hall admits he’ll just be having the chicken tandoori with rice.

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