Fall Guys Season 6: Exciting New Feature Revealed

Fall Guys Season 6: Exciting New Feature Revealed

Fall Guys Season 6 is on its way and a video posted on social media has revealed a great new feature that will be in the game.

The battle royale platform game has been a huge success, but many were worried when there wasn’t a lot of news around season 6.

This has changed massively over the last week and now players are over the moon to hear some of the exciting things arriving to Fall Guys in the new season.

As we wait for its full release, we know that players will enjoy these little sneak peaks that are revealed by the developers.

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Fall Guys Season 6 Video Reveals New Feature Arriving

The developers of Fall Guys are constantly adding new obstacles for the maps that they have in the game, and this video showed a new obstacle, and this one looks very tough to get past.

As players try to race through this course past square obstacles, they will also be attacked by many balls, which are water balloons being shot out of a cannon at a very fast rate.

If hit by one of these, players will go flying back and it will be difficult to get back up as it will be easy to get hit whilst on the floor.

This is a very funny new feature and a great one to add into the game. It will most definitely be enjoyed by those who play season 6. The video shows that it will be able to hit any part of the map right in front of the cannon, so players will have to time the course perfectly.

There is a lot of great content in this game, and part of the reason that it has been so successful for such a long period is due to the fact that the developers are constantly bringing out new updates and changes to keep Fall Guys fresh.

This is only one of the small changes coming to the game, but normally we see new cosmetics, maps, colours and crowns.

Expectations are very high for this new season due to season 5 being such a success, and so there is a lot of pressure on the developers to meet these expectations.



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