Jose Mourinho once gave Marko Arnautović his watch in funny story from Inter Milan spell

  • Kobe Tong

Jose Mourinho has been hitting the headlines for his generous gifts this week.

The AS Roma manager opened his wallet to fulfil a promise that he made to Felix Afena-Gyan after he scored twice off the bench during the Serie A win at Genoa on Sunday evening.

Despite having never made a professional start for Roma, the 18-year-old prospect made a game-changing impact that forced Mourinho to splash out €800 on a luxury pair of shoes.

Mourinho buying players gifts

According to Football Italia, Mourinho explained to DAZN: “I had promised to buy Felix the boots he really likes, which are really expensive, they cost €800, so he ran over and told me not to forget!”

And it’s not the first time that Mourinho has shown his generous side by treating players with Sergio Reguilon bagging himself a luxury leg of pork after Tottenham 2-0 Manchester City last year.

However, while we’re on the topic of the ‘Special One’ splashing the cash on his playing staff, we couldn’t resist looking back on one of our favourites stories about the iconic head coach.

Arnautovic’s funny story

And it comes courtesy of Marko Arnautovic who, true to his reputation in the sport, told an amusing story about what happened after he turned up late three times in one day on an Inter Milan camp.

Naturally, it didn’t end well for the Austrian up against Mourinho, but when he accidentally arrived five hours early for a training session further down the line, it bagged him the manager’s watch.

Speaking to the Daily Mail in 2017, Arnautovic explained: “We were at Abu Dhabi for pre-season with Inter in 2009. I overslept for breakfast. Late No 1. 

“Then there was the team meeting. The hotel was huge and my room was on the 75th floor. I am waiting for the lift and I press and I press and still I have got seven minutes so I am OK. But then I still didn’t make it. Disaster No 2.

“Then before we meet for the game it was happening again and I was like: ‘He is going to kill me’. So then we fought a little bit and I was out of the team that day, training on my own.

“Back in Milan I thought we were training in the morning and I went in just perfect. There were no cars there. We were actually training in the afternoon that day! 

“Mourinho is there with his staff and he stands up and starts applauding and laughing. He said: ‘You are my man. You come here five hours before training. I love you! Here, take my watch’.

“I still have that watch in my house.”


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Isn’t that class? You can just imagine Mourinho’s thought process that Arnautovic had learnt from his mistakes and made such an incredible effort to the right his wrongs that he arrived five hours early.

However, even if Mourinho could smell a fish and was in on the joke, it goes to show that you only have to do a few things right to get a watch, ham or pair of shoes off the Portuguese icon.



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