The Rock, Brock Lesnar, John Cena: Which WWE star has the highest win percentage in history?

Damian Priest's win percentage is seriously impressive

Fans can't believe that Damian Priest has the highest win percentage of any male wrestler to have had over 25 matches in either WWWF, WWF or WWE.

While he may not be one of WWE's most iconic wrestlers, there is no denying that Damian Priest has been well protected since arriving on the main roster in January of this year.

This has been backed up by the stats too, as Damian Priest has won over 92% of his matches on WWE's main roster, picking up the win in 49 of his 53 outings.

That figure makes him the men's wrestler with the highest win percentage in WWE history, and the second overall, behind only Ronda Rousey (93.9%).

It's always important to consider the context, particularly when looking at stats, who below are the win percentages of several top WWE stars, both current and historically.

It's when looking at the win percentages of several top WWE stars throughout history that we can fully appreciate just how impressive Damian Priest's statistic is. 

  • Vince McMahon - 47%
  • Chris Jericho - 48%
  • Triple H - 51%
  • The Rock - 56%
  • Randy Orton - 57%
  • Big E - 58%
  • Charlotte Flair - 58%
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin - 62%
  • Rey Mysterio - 64%
  • Becky Lynch - 65%
  • Shawn Michaels - 68%
  • Roman Reigns - 69%
  • The Undertaker - 70%
  • Brock Lesnar - 70%
  • Bret Hart - 73%
  • John Cena - 77%
  • Hulk Hogan - 77%

The stat gets even more impressive when you consider that prior to losing to Shinsuke Nakamura at Survivor Series, Damian Priest had the highest win percentage of any person, regardless of gender, in WWE history.

Prior to his loss this weekend, Priest had won 49 of his 52 matches, leaving him with a win percentage of 94.23%, which is better than Ronda Rousey's right now.

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