Ben Foster: YouTubers ChrisMD & Miniminter took on Premier League GK in shooting challenge

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Ben Foster is one of the finest goalkeepers that the Premier League has ever seen.

Although the former England international didn’t quite make the grade at Manchester United, you could always rely on him to produce a number of brilliant saves for one of England’s top-flight clubs.

Across spells with Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion, Foster proved himself as one of the most elastic goalkeepers in the division with sharp reflexes and underrated shot-stopping.

Foster’s Premier League pedigree

Besides, it’s worth remembering that Foster’s remarkable tally of 1,202 saves in the Premier League is the highest in the division’s history above Petr Cech, Tim Howard and David de Gea.

And although Foster might not be the unstoppable force of his prime years, there’s no denying that he’s still delivering the goods with Watford as their number one goalkeeper at the age of 38.

Having wrestled back a starting spot from Daniel Bachmann, Foster has held his own with a superb save from Cristiano Ronaldo in November and a penalty stop to deny Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Watford vs Man Utd Match Reaction (Football Terrace)

Foster’s adventure into YouTube

All this, and Foster is also running his YouTube channel ‘The Cycling GK’ on the side with brilliant video content including match-day vlogs, interviews with Watford players and even a podcast.

It has been fascinating to learn more about the life of a Premier League footballer and Foster hasn’t been afraid to immerse himself in the YouTube world by meeting some of its biggest influencers.

In fact, Foster’s second-most-viewed video saw him go head-to-head with ‘Miniminter‘ and ‘ChrisMD‘ with viewers getting the unique chance to see YouTubers taking on a Premier League goalkeeper.

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YouTubers take on Foster

And the iteration on Chris Dixon’s channel was particularly intriguing as it saw the two YouTube personalities attempt 100 shots against Foster to see how many goals they could score.

We’ve all wondered how we would fare against a goalkeeper playing at the highest level, so it really was engrossing to see how many times ‘Miniminter’ and ‘ChrisMD’ could get the better of Foster.

And we bet that you want to find out the answer, so be sure to check out the viral video down below:

Nine goals. Pretty good going.

Just imagine the feeling of rattling the ball past Foster when you know that he’s already thwarted Ronaldo and Aubameyang in key Premier League games this season. They’re living the dream.

In the end, ‘Miniminter’ and ‘ChrisMD’ produced a very respectable tally with some genuinely brilliant goals, though they did have to lean on the Jabulani’s movement when shooting from further out.



Shots against 50-rated goalkeeper

And just in case that isn’t enough to get your fill of YouTubers taking on professional footballers, Dixon also joined forces with Theo Baker to take on Tottenham Hotspur’s Joshua Oluwayemi.

Remarkably, the under-23 star actually fared better than Foster by only conceding six goals, making some fantastic saves along the way, so be sure to check out that particular battle right here:

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So, the moral of the story is that scoring against a Premier League goalkeeper is pretty darn difficult. I reckon I’d score approximately once in every one thousand shots against De Gea… if I’m lucky.

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