Eddie Hall leg press: Hafthor Bjornsson opponent blacking out after 1,000KG attempt


Back in September of 2019, Eddie Hall took on a challenge that would be unthinkable for most of the Earth’s population.

He attempted to do a 1,000KG leg press and remind the world why he is referred to as ‘The Beast’ and why he’s one of the strongest men on the planet, or at least, was back then anyway.

The World’s Strongest Man 2017 competition winner has a YouTube channel where he posts workout videos and vlogs about his fitness, his lifestyle and now his boxing training. In this particular video which is titled, “PASSED OUT DOING 1000KG LEG PRESS!” he did exactly that.

In the video, he explains that 1,000KG is his current personal best when it comes to leg presses, which is even more mind-blowing when you realise that the machine has a maximum capacity of 850KG.

To give this achievement a bit of context, a grown adult male grizzly bear weighs approximately 500KG. Put two of them on a leg press machine and ‘The Beast’ can bench it.

If that doesn’t define strength, you wonder what does.


The story gets even more incredible as you learn more.

Hall always starts his leg workout by squatting a heavy 220KG before he touches the leg press machine. His personal best sits at 300KG, but Hall explains that due to a previous hip injury sustained, he now stays at a “comfortable” 220KG. (COMFORTABLE! You read that right).

After the squatting, he then proceeds to the leg press machine where after loading it to its 850KG capacity, he then proceeds to add plates and dumbbells for the total to top out at 1,000KG.

Four reps into the set, ‘The Beast’ immediately passes out when he locks up his weights. On the vlog, he is out for a brief few seconds before coming around and asking his cameraman: “Did I just black out then?”



It’s an insane show of strength and shows what the man is capable of.

Recently, Hall had a ‘regular man’ over to give an insight into what it is like to live a day in his shoes while he trains. He is currently in Scotland training for his fight with Hafthor Bjornsson with the loser apparently getting a tattoo as a forfeit.

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