Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher's hilarious US accent during Champions League coverage

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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher is always great value for money on television.

Ever since hanging up his boots in 2013, the former England man has proven himself as one of the most entertaining and insightful pundits on the airwaves for Sky Sports and other top broadcasters.

Whether it’s his well-argued analyses or crackling banter with Gary Neville, you know you’re in for an entertaining few hours of TV whenever the 43-year-old is suited and booted in the studio.

Carragher’s blockbuster punditry

However, Carragher is arguably never better when he’s completely unshackled on CBS Sports with the American broadcaster creating a superbly relaxed atmosphere for their match coverage.

While we’re well-versed in Carragher’s cheeky comments in the Sky studio, it’s hard to imagine him whipping out cart-wheels with Micah Richards during ‘Super Sunday’ as he has done with CBS.

In fact, Carragher has made such a habit of either cracking up his fellow pundits or wittily making fun of them during CBS’ coverage that it feels like he goes viral whenever he makes an appearance.

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Champions League coverage on CBS

As such, should we be at all surprised that Carragher is once again spreading across Twitter feeds for his latest antics on the Champions League showing of Manchester City vs Paris Saint-Germain?

When the Liverpool icon wasn’t ripping into Kylian Mbappe, Neymar and Lionel Messi, he had Alex Scott and Thierry Henry in stitches when he was asked to give his best American accent.

We’re all so used to Carragher speaking in his native Liverpudlian accent that seeing him attempt to sound like he lives on the other side of the pond had everyone in the studio wetting themselves.

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Carragher’s hysterical US accent

Henry couldn’t contain his laughter and Scott even covered her face with her notes at one point as Carragher welcomed in Thanksgiving with a questionably accurate version of an American accent.

And just admit it, you’re incredibly intrigued, so be sure to check out Carragher waving the stars and stripes with a love letter to the United States of America down below:

Never change, Jamie, never change.

To be fair, although Carragher won’t be getting any job offers from Hollywood to plan an American any time soon, it’s admittedly a lot better than I could have managed, never mind on live TV.

And it’s just another instance of the Liverpool legend making people crack up with his punditry as CBS’ clip of his impersonation boasts over 1,200 retweets and 11,200 ‘likes’ at the time of writing.


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The round of applause at the end might have been a little generous, mind!



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