Liverpool's Thiago produced stunning outside of the boot pass for Bayern Munich in 2016


Thiago Alcantara treated us to some true Champions League magic on Wednesday night with a quite sorcerous goal for Liverpool.

In front of the Kop end at Anfield, the Spanish maestro drifted onto a loose clearance from a free kick before producing one of the most sumptuous finishes Anfield has ever seen.

Striking the ball with the outside of his wand of a right boot, Thiago's 'daisy-cutting' missile arrowed into the corner of the Porto goal to send the famous old stadium into raptures.

The trajectory of the ball defied physics and arguments raged over whether or not it even touched the ground on its way to the back of the net.

The way the ball went down through a defenders legs then biblically rose again was nigh on mesmeric, with the reverse angle of the strike showing it was simply out of this world.

However, while it was an objectively stunning strike, Thiago claimed it wasn't even the prettiest goal he has scored in his time, with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain having none of such a statement.


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He's not wrong though, he has scored better goals, and, in fact, it might not even be the best thing he has ever done with the outside of his boot.

Thiago's pass for Bayern Munich 

Harking back to 2016, when Thiago was pulling the strings at the heart of the Bayern Munich midfield, he produced a pass so picture-postcard perfect that it could easily rival his finish at Anfield.

During a somewhat scrappy passage of play, the ball fell to Thiago who drilled it first time, right down the field into the path of a scampering Frank Ribery.

With the ball moving at pace and in the dying minutes of the game, it was nothing short of divine technique to pick out the Frenchman on the run.

Bayern would go onto score only seconds later, but Thiago's teammates were quick to acknowledge the part he played in setting it up.

Manuel Neuer, in particular, found great joy in the pass from Thiago, sprinting into midfield following the scoring of the goal to celebrate with the Spaniard.

It is one of the most difficult techniques in the game but, after his strike last night and further evidence from his Bayern career, it is safe to say that Thiago is the king of it.

While us mere mortals can only dream of striking the ball like that, Thiago does it on a daily basis. 

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