John Cena & Triple H mentioned in AEW 'war of words' between MJF and CM Punk.


Last night on Dynamite saw a very personal verbal exchange between AEW's blue-chip MJF and "The Best In The World" CM Punk. 

To kick off AEW Dynamite CM Punk was meant to go one on one with  QT Marshall after Marshall's call-out last week. However, to the audience's surprise as well as CM Punk's a certain pillar of AEW otherwise known as Maxwell Jacob Freeman (MJF). 


MJF entered the ring and stood arrogantly in the corner staring across at a serious CM Punk before beginning to challenge Punks ability on the microphone by picking apart different pieces of Punk from his appearance to his wrestling ability. This is in response to MJF feeling disrespected by Punk who brushed off a sign of respect from MJF when he tried to shake the hand of "The Best In The World". 

MJF believes Punk is a one-trick pony who clings onto the pipebomb as his only achievement. He goes on to say that Punk may drop pipebombs however MJF drops nukes. Punk remains unphased and emotionless by the verbal tirade from MJF and goes on to interrupt and explain what he thinks of MJF. 

Punk refers to MJF as "not revolutionary but is a less famous MIZ"

This creates a huge gasp echoing from the walls of the arena from the Chicago fans. The Miz is a two-time WWE Champion and has multiple accolades in the WWE and has a more PG promo nature but similar delivery to that of MJF, but the mentioning of a WWE wrestler in AEW television was bound to get a reaction from the AEW crowd. 

MJF refers to Punks WWE time especially on the microphone as a big fish in a little pond but in comparison to MJF, he is just a minnow. 

MJF says he would "Verbally finish CM Punk quicker than his UFC career"

He then goes on to discuss Punks old career before his 7- year hiatus saying that he was a fan and looked up to him when he was the "ass-kicker, the renegade" but now he just sees "PG Punk".

He follows up and says that Punk should be preaching "Hustle, Loyalty and Respect" 

This is of course comparison and reference to one of Punk's greatest rivals and icon of professional wrestling, 16-time WWE Champion John Cena. 

MJF and Punk were neck and neck on the microphone whatever one of them threw, the other had a response. A shoot to one-up the other. The Chicago crowd was engaged from start to finish.



The verbal brutality and fluidity of hard-hitting lines was the fuel that has more than ignited the fire of this rivalry. Two of the best on the microphone, not even interrupted once by commentary. Everyone was intrigued with this angle and it surely is the start of something special for AEW. 

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