Weston McKennie explaining American food to Buffon and Chiellini on All or Nothing


The Juventus edition of Amazon’s popular ‘All or Nothing’ documentary show premiered this week and fans have been lapping up the quality behind-the-scenes content.

From Cristiano Ronaldo clashing with Juan Cuadrado in the dressing room, to Pavel Nedved being proven wrong by Ronaldo himself, the series has offered an unprecedented insight into one of Europe’s elite football set-ups.

With legends left, right and centre, there was always going to be some brilliant footage.

However, one moment in particular has captured fans and it has nothing to do with what happened on the field or the training pitch.

In a short extract from the series doing the rounds on social media, Weston McKennie is filmed trying to explain American food to the likes of Giorgio Chiellini and Gianluigi Buffon.

As passionate Italians, Buffon and Chiellini were flying the flag for some of the famous dishes of their people, from pasta to pizza and olive oil to coffee.


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McKennie, meanwhile, does his best to champion cookies, burgers, brownies and ranch dressing.

Unsurprisingly, the looks on the faces of the Italian superstars makes for blockbuster viewing, with Chiellini struggling to wrap his head around the concept of ranch.

“Do you like pasta? In Italy, food is very good,” Chiellini is heard saying. “If I don’t eat well, I can’t play.”

McKennie then gave his take on food, to the bewilderment of his teammates.

“We throw in a cookie, or like a brownie, or a burger or something like that, then I’m okay.”

Desperate to salvage the situation, Chiellini then asks for McKennie’s thoughts on pizza to which he gave a positive response.

That was as good as it would get for Chiellini though, as McKennie then broached the topic of ranch.

“Do you know ranch dressing?” the American asks to a now horrified audience. “It’s a white sauce. It’s normally for salad but if you put the sauce on a pizza, wow.”

Chiellini, through laughter, just can’t quite understand, responding: “What are you saying to me?”.

Buffon then waded into the conversation, claiming:

I am scared about American dressing

Superb. It all ends with a disagreement over coffee, and what it does to McKennie’s digestive system.

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Where was Cristiano Ronaldo born?

It’s these sort of scenes that make the All or Nothing season so popular.

We can only hope that, by this point, McKennie has broadened his horizons somewhat to enjoy more of the cullinary delights Italy has to offer. 

Or perhaps, at a stretch, he might have finally got some of his teammates to try some ranch dressing on pizza. 

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