Mike Tyson: What happened when YouTuber ate & trained like him in his prime for 24 hours


If you had to name one athlete through time who’s training regime would be almost impossible to match, Mike Tyson’s name would certainly crop up.

Tyson, who’s known as one of the greatest heavyweights and boxers of all time, earned that title through an insatiable drive to be the best - something that YouTuber Mike Tennyson quickly found out.

The online content creator decided to copy a prime Iron Mike’s diet schedule and daily workout programme for a day - and even got a fake face tattoo identical to Tyson’s!

Tennyson started the day with a planned five-mile jog at 4am, which was Tyson’s preferred way to start his day. The YouTuber was able to complete four before returning to rest in preparation for the rest of the day.

At 10am, he eats a typical Tyson breakfast consisting of oatmeal, milk and vitamins, accumulating to 450 calories. Tennyson states that a light breakfast helps because he’s about to go through 10 rounds of sparring, and you don’t want to be feeling weighed down or sluggish.

The physical training then begins and it’s fair to say that the challenge was as exhausting as it was daunting.

"I feel like a lot of people underestimate just how hard boxing is on your cardiovascular system because you don't see a lot of running... But you're exerting so much force with the punches, that after 10 rounds of two minutes I'm gonna be wiped."

If that sounded tough, Tennyson goes straight from sparring to calisthenic training. Comprising 2,000 squats, as well as 500 reps each of push-ups, neck crunches, tricep extensions and shrugs with a 30kg weight, Tyson's training programme is not for the faint hearted.

Following that, it’s time to refuel with lunch. A standard portion of white rice, chicken and orange juice is all that’s required before continuing with the final parts of the day.

"After looking at his diet, he doesn't have a variety of foods. Every meal is a carb and a protein. And it doesn't seem like he's not eating for enjoyment, he's just eating for fuel, and that's a true athlete to me," states Tennyson.

After lunch it’s back outside for more sparring, skipping and calisthenic training. He gets to a point where his body is aching so much he has to stop for a snack in order to garner a little more energy.



After a quick protein drink, he finishes the day with a bit of technique training and a healthy dinner.

Tennyson is no stranger to copying the daily routines of celebrities, having done so for the likes of Mark Walhberg in the past, but it’s fair to say that recreating Tyson’s lifestyle was his most challenging task to date.

"I'm very sore. My neck is super stiff, and I know I'm going to be feeling it for a few days after this," reveals Tennyson at the end of the day.

This challenge is probably not one to try at home!

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